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Do you own a Moshi Monsters site/blog? If so, you can advertise it for free right here! 

If you are interested, then please leave a comment below to advertise your Moshi blog/site with your Moshi name, link, and any info necessary! Advertising here may even get your blog some new viewers and more views!

Site Owner: 2009Fire15
Site Name: Moshi Monsters Expressway
Site Link:
Info: Moshi Monsters – News, Secrets, Guides, Contests, Hints, and more!
Contact Method: / Twitter @TheMMExpressway

Advertisements of anything other then Moshi Monsters or any other games will not be accepted, so Moshi Monsters blogs/websites only! If you decide to advertise anything other, your comment will be deleted and you may lose your commenting privileges so stay on topic!

We may even choose one of our favourite blogs for our Blogroll or Blog of the Month! 🙂

  • Since you are going to advertise here, why not add one of our support banners and widgets on to your Moshi Monsters blog or website?

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Good luck with your blog/website! If you want to advertise, just comment! 😉

Carry on Blogging!

353 thoughts on “Your Moshi Site

  1. site owner: araya111
    site name: moshi monster fan pop
    site link:
    info: My site has videos,chat,news,contests,moshi stores,how to’s,monster give aways,and more. So why not join today. My goal is to get atleast 100 users by 2015 help my dream come true by signing up today! The fun starts at mm fan pop!
    contact method: moshi monsters (username araya111) or my site (username araya111)

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