Combination for Moshling “Busling” Released!

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Busling Moshi Monsters



BUSLING #004 (Wheelies; Ultra Rare

  • NAME: Busling Bustling Busling
  • SET: Wheelies
  • NUMBER: 004
  • RARITY: Ultra Rare
  • COMBINATION: Yellow Dragon, Yellow Star, Yellow Magic

Busling Moshling Seed Combination

Busling has finally been released! After about 6 months of rumours, announcments, and appearances Moshi Monsters finally posted out a combination for the Bustling Busling “Wheelies” Moshling! The combination is a Yellow Dragon Fruit, Star Blossom, and Magic Beans! All yellow! 😛


Busling Bustinling Busling Bio

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Moshi Monsters- New Moshling- Rooby from Sporties!

Moshi Monsters- Moshling- ROOBY

Moshi Monsters- Moshling- ROOBY

Moshi Monsters have admitted that they forgot they promised Rooby would be coming out in 2012. But now they have said that Rooby may be released on ‘Australia Day’ 2013. That’s SATURDAY 25TH JANUARY. Not that long away. We cant wait!

Rooby the Plucky Puncharoo is an upcoming rare moshling in the Sporties set.


Bouncy, plucky and protective


Say G’day and duck out of the way because Plucky Puncharoos are the paw-swinging Moshlings that will do anything to protect the titchy purple critters that live in their pouches. And that’s strange because the purple critters are actually soft toys stuffed jellybeans. Capable of flummoxing almost any Monster with their lighting fast fists and fancy footwork, Puncharoos love a scrap. I once challenged one to a bount of fistcuffs but it refused – something about not wanting to wallop a creaky old-timer.