Three New Series of Moshi Figures Confirmed!

new-moshlings-coming-soonHey Everyone, If you’re a Moshling Figure collector, I have some amazing and exciting news for you! Moshi Monsters have confirmed that they’ll be releasing an eighth, a ninth and a tenth series of Moshi Monsters Moshling Figures!

At this moment, we don’t know exactly what characters will be expected in the series. But we do know a few other facts!

Series 8 will be released in October 2013 (Confirmed)
Series 9 may be released in January 2014 (Not confimed)
Series 10 may be released in Easter 2014 (Not confirmed)

Series 8, and probably Series 9 will be a complete surprise to us all, as they have not yet appeared at a Toy Fair. But by the time Series 10 is released we will probably know what is to come.

Packaging has not yet been released, although we expect that we will find some images in the near future!

We expect that each series will have sixteen figures, alike Series 5,6 and 7. We could maybe even be seeing a number as small as twelve.

At the Design a Moshling, we found something interesting:

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List of Moshlings that could possibly feature in Series 8 – 10:

Furnando; King Toot; Toasty; Misty; Bodge; Splatter; Hoolio; Baby Rox and Carter. That’s only eight. But remember New Moshlings are released all the time and there are plenty of unreleased sets to be filled!

I guess that’s all we know right now! Remember, Once we know it, We will show it! – our MME motto!