*Exclusive to MME* New Moshling Splatter Animation!


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Moshi Monsters Expressway FIRST! We are the first on the web to find/share so please give us credit 😉 

Hey Everyone, Today I have found the official images, animation and sound for the new Moshling, ‘Splatter!’ Splatter is set to be released in the Arties set, very soon!

Today for you we have,

  • A gallery of images
  • Splatter’s animation and sound video.
  • Some Facts about Splatter that we know.

Images of Splatter:

How epic are we? 🙂 Now here’s his animation:

Name – Splatter
Species – Abstract Artiste
Set – Arties
(At the moment, we don’t know when Splatter will be released/his combination)

Is it art or an utter shambles? Who cares because every Abstract Artiste’s ambition is to win the coveted Blurgh-ner Prize For Bafflingly Bonkers Art. That’s why these crazy Moshlings spend all day flicking gluey glitter of Oobla Doobla in huge tanks of fluorescent jelly. Magnificent!

That’s all we know about ‘Splatter’ for now! Let us know down below what you think of this exclusive animation and images!


Brand New Moshling ‘Hot Wings’ released! Brand new set ‘Musos!’


Hey Everyone, Today a new Moshling has been released called ‘Hot Wings’. Hot Wings is in the ‘Musos’ set, a brand new music themed set, the third of it’s kind, after the Tunies and the Roxstars! 

Below I have for you:

  • The set as it appears in the zoo.
  • The background when you have not completed the set.
  • The background when you have completed the set.




Here is Hot Wings’ profile:


Name – Hot Wings
Species – Raggamuffin Puffin
Number – 132
Set – Musos
Rarity – Uncommon

Easy now, Raggamuffin Puffins never get in a flap. But that’s not because they’re super chilled out, it’s because they can’t fly. Not to worry though, these upbeat Moshlings are usually too busy squawking cheerful songs and performing their signature Rub-A-Dub dance moves to think about going anywhere.

Stroll along Dropbeat Drive and you might spot a few Ragamuffin Puffins jammin’ to the riddim of DJ Quack’s roots remix.

Rice and peas.

Hustle and hard rock.

Images of Hot Wings (Gallery)

Giggles is only uncommon so shouldn’t take that long to get! (SCROLL DOWN FOR HOT WINGS’ COMBINATION) Here exclusive to MME we have this brand new Moshlings’ animation:

Please continue reading to find out Hot Wings’ combination!

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How to get Raffles Moshling on Moshi Monsters


RAFFLES #021 (Naughties; Ultra Rare)

Raffles_Trans[1]Complete part 3 of The Googenheist mission (Season 3)

Seed code coming soon!
Enjoy this moshling combination!

More information coming soon! Stay tuned, as this post will be updated again soon!

Click here for 100+ Moshling Combinations!


Moshi Monsters Scrumpy Moshling


Moshling Name: Scrumpy

Moshling Set: Arties

Moshling #: #041

Rarity: Uncommon

Seeds/Code: Any Star Blossom, Blue Moon Orchard, Any Love Berries

Say ‘allo to the curious little Moshlings who just love solving mysteries and sticking their hyper-sensitive hooters into other Moshis’ business. Genuinely surreal they also enjoy riding pasta unicycles, wearing meat shoes on their heads and wrapping kippers around their waists. Bonkers!


Likes: The smell of oil paint and flash photography.

Dislikes: Pips and Ponies.

Scrumpy has been confirmed in the Ultimate Sticker Collection, and the Ultimate Collector’s Guide. Scrumpy was also confirmed by the Moshi team in Summer 2012. Scrumpy has been spotted on Moshi Mission 9, series 2.

Scrumpy has just been released! Scrumpy needs certain seeds to be attracted!

More information on scrumpy – http://wp.me/p11ffl-20n



Suey – Moshling – Moshi Monsters

Hey there Moshi fans! Here is some great information about the new moshling “SUEY”


Suey is an Ultra-Rare Moshling that looks like a walking bowl of noodles and she is in the Munchies set. She is confirmed in the Moshi Monsters Collector’s Guide and in the Ultimate Sticker Collection.

Bashful BowlheadSueypol



Feeling peckish? Then why not hook up with a Bashful Bowlhead because these shy Moshlings produce a never-ending supply of slurp-tastic noodles from their bowl-like bonces. You’ll need a knife and fork because their chopsticks are actually sensitive feelers used to sense danger.

Kittens of Good Fortune and five-spice flavoured crisps. Dislikes: Cutlery and lemon dishwasher tablets.

Cutlery and lemon dishwasher tablets.

How to get Suey!
Complete the seventh and final part of the O’Really ‘Somewhere over the Clover’ mission where you will gain 500 Rox; O’Really (if you don’t have him already) and Suey! Unfortunatley this mission is available for Members Only! 🙂

Enjoy Everyone!  -2009Fire15 & Rosscp

Moshi Monsters – Betty – The Moshling

Moshi Monsters Betty Moshling- has been added to the Moshling Zoo as of November 8th, 2012. Moshi Monsters updated us about her on January 31st 2013.

Here is a picture of Betty, from the Moshling cards:

Screenshot 107


Set: Noises

Number: 37

Rarity: Uncommon

Betty biography:

“Yodel-ay-hee-hooooo” Next time you hear that unmistakable call you’ll know that a is close by. But not that close because these opera-trained Moshlings can be heard from miles away. In fact their yodelling is so loud that I once asked a group of them to perform halfway up Mount Sillimanjaro – not because I enjoy yodelling; I just knew the racket would trigger an avalanche and clear my path to the summit. Unfortunately they insisted on joining me for the rest of the trip and yodelled the whole time. Worse still they brought along some Brassy BlowyThings and Squeezy Tinklehuffs.

Betty is not yet known when to be released to the public as an official moshling to collect. Rumours have it that Betty may be a reward in a mission, sometime in early-mid 2013. Other rumours say Betty may be a one time code, or possibly have certain seeds to attract her.

Screenshot 106

Credit to MME viewers and Moshi Wiki for some of the information!


MME Exclusive! Exclusively Revealed Here! New for 2013: Series 6 Moshling Figures (Including Images) Including Rox Collection Edition 2 All Coming Soon! Plus Some Figure Facts!





The Series 6 Moshlings are being released at Easter time (End of March), and then the tin will follow later.

From Left to Right:

Series 6 Blister Pack with BRAND NEW UNKNOWN OF MOSHLINGS,
and Moshi Monsters Rox Tin Edition 2!

How Awesome are we here at MME?

Toy World Magazine Quotes:
‘The next launch milestone for Vivid’s Moshi Monsters is the Micro Moshi range, which launches February half term, followed by Series 6 Moshi Collectables at Easter. As a result, Vivid is confident that Moshi Monsters will show strong double digit growth year on year for 2013.’ 😀 Did you know? Over 80,000,000 (80 Million) Moshling Figures have been sold just in theuk! That’s about 4 figures for each kid in the UK!!  Monstariffic 🙂 😛

Easter this year is the 31st of March. They should be out around then!! 🙂

-Rosscp 😀

Moshi Monsters- Lost in Hong Bong- Mission #21 (Mission 1- 2013) Official MME Guide!


Hey guys! Series 3 of the Moshi Missions has been released, today as of January 17, 2013! It is very exciting, and quite interesting compared to the past missions!

Mission #21, #1 of January 2013- Lost in Hong Bong


The mission is about 5-10 minutes in length, and is quite fun, and not so difficult! Are you confused? Stuck on something, or just need help to complete this mission? No worries! Moshi Monsters Expressway has you covered with a video below!

How to complete this mission:


How amazing was that? In this ‘Lost in Hong Bong’ mission, you receive:

Hong Bong complete

No moshling this time, but some cool stuff- 200 rox, 500xp, and a free code: BUCKISBACK for an item!

What do you guys think? Have you completed the mission? Comment below!

Like always, Moshi Monsters Expressway got you covered 24/7! We cannot wait for the next mission! “Once MME knows it, we will show it!”


Moshi Monsters- What happened to Lady Goo Goo? New- Baby Rox!

Lady Goo Goo

Baby Rox










What happened to Lady Goo Goo? Who’s this all new Baby Rox?

Lady Gaga, and her company ‘law suit” sued Mind Candy, Moshi Monsters for the Lady Goo Goo Moshi Dance music video. Lady Ga Ga says that Moshi Monsters ‘stole’ her lyrics, and put them into the Lady Goo Goo Moshi Dance music video. Reports also say that Lady Goo Goo, is a second version of Lady Gaga, copying and violating herself, as Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga also claims that Lady Goo Goo is a parody of her. Therefore, Lady Gaga has sued Mind Candy. All names and mentions of Lady Goo Goo on Moshi Monsters, has been replaced with Baby Rox with along with items, games, videos, merch, and updates. All Lady Goo Goo mentions and music have been deleted from iTunes, YouTube, and Moshi Monsters itself.

In 2011 Lady GooGoo made a music video named The Moshi Dance . If you listen carefully you will realize it has parts from Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Moshi Monsters was taken to court, and what said was that Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters) is not allowed to sell, or mention anything of or about Lady Gaga, ever again. They must remove all Lady Goo Goo merch and items off the site and elsewhere. Therefore the transformed Lady Goo Goo the moshling, to Baby Rox.

To get Baby Rox, You must complete the second mission of series 1. 🙂

So Lady Goo Goo is completely gone from Moshi Monsters. Baby Rox, has replaced her.


Moshi Monsters: How to get Ultra Rare Nipper Techies Moshling (#108 Techies Tichy Trundlebot, Techies)

Moshling Reminder #2 –  How to get Nipper #108

Today I’m gonna be telling you how to get NIPPER!

How to get Nipper!
1. Purchase the ‘Moshling Zoo’ DS Game.
2. Open the game and find the Nipper Code Card
3. Click on enter a secret code after you’ve logged in.
4. Enter the code you were sent.
5. Plant the ‘Robo Dendron’ seed with any two seeds.
6. Wait around 6-8 hours and Nipper will appear in your garden.

Well I hope that’s enough for you all! If this is your first time visiting Moshi Monsters Expressway, make sure you check back often, as we hold many exclusives, and look how popular we are with amost 1,700,000 visits! And If you’re a regular viewer make sure you check MME 3.0 which will be coming really soon! 

Don’t forget to add me on Moshi Monsters. I’m Rosscp. 


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