2009Fire15 has Yolka Moshling!

Hey everyone! What a fantastic weekend so far on MME! Just Saturday alone we had thousands of views! Thanks for that!

Yolka Seed Combination (Click Here) ——->

Not only views, but also YOLKA! I am sure many of you have Yolka, because we and many other blogs revealed his seed combination, yesterday!

I just got bored and wanted to show you all, that I had Yolka! 😛

I got Yolka on Saturday June 22 in the Afternoon!

Yolka in my garden



Who has Yolka? Do you!? Comment on this post if you do!

Also, thousands have Yolka now, which is pretty cool! I mean his code was suppose to be revealed on July 1st, but instead we got him a week earlier! Have a Yolk-ing day!

2009Fire15 Sig