Moshi Monsters- Lost in Hong Bong- Mission #21 (Mission 1- 2013) Official MME Guide!


Hey guys! Series 3 of the Moshi Missions has been released, today as of January 17, 2013! It is very exciting, and quite interesting compared to the past missions!

Mission #21, #1 of January 2013- Lost in Hong Bong


The mission is about 5-10 minutes in length, and is quite fun, and not so difficult! Are you confused? Stuck on something, or just need help to complete this mission? No worries! Moshi Monsters Expressway has you covered with a video below!

How to complete this mission:

How amazing was that? In this ‘Lost in Hong Bong’ mission, you receive:

Hong Bong complete

No moshling this time, but some cool stuff- 200 rox, 500xp, and a free code: BUCKISBACK for an item!

What do you guys think? Have you completed the mission? Comment below!

Like always, Moshi Monsters Expressway got you covered 24/7! We cannot wait for the next mission! “Once MME knows it, we will show it!”


A Big Thank You!



Happy New Year, MME fans and friends! 2010, 2011, and 2012 have been extremely awesome to experience! Hopefully you as a viewer, will be around this year, as there are so many awesome things planned for 2013 here on MME; Moshi Monsters Expressway!

As 2013 begins, I would like to thank everyone. Every single one of you. You have been so amazing and it has been an honour to be the owner of MME! You guys totally are the best! Without you, there would be no MME at all. You guys have made 2012 the best year ever, and the most historical year on MME ever! We smashed records, went worldwide with viewers, hit top #100 in Canada on YouTube, 250+ Likes on Facebook, and hundreds of followers on Twitter! Speaking of Twitter, MME has got a brand new Twitter account that will be shared with you soon! Anyways, We even hit 1,300+ followers on the blog via Email! This has been the best year by far! Let’s make 2013 the best though! 😉

Just MME alone, we hit around 870,000 total views in 2012! That’s huge! We have always been the #1 and and still are, and always will be! 🙂 Here’s the yearly stats, approixmately:

2010: 50,000 total views

2011: 855,000 total views

2012: 870,000 total views

2013: ??? Hopefully 1,000,000!

Seriously, I couldn’t have done this without you! You guys mean so much to me! Our 2013 goal of views is to score at least 1,000,000 views in total! For now lets concentrate on hitting 2,000,000 total MME views! We’re almost there!

Another big thank you goes out to not only the fans, but the MME staff. Lukey140701, Rosscp, WR12, and other background workers! You guys have really done such a fantastic and a phenomenal job just working. You took care of MME while I was away for a while, and made it the best it is today. Without your help and support, there wouldn’t be any MME at all. You guys deserve so much from me! I owe you big time! So get ready for some surprises from Fire later in the year! Rock on and lots of love! Also get ready for new workers to be added to the staff this year! 🙂

Looks like your still reading 😉 Thanks for being so awesome and taking the time to read! You truly are so awesome!

The biggest plans in 2013 for MME so far is the release of 3.0! In 3.0 MME will release hundreds of updates, unleashing things never before and out of the world! This update will be a brand new MME and a new fresh piece! It is expected to be released as 2,000,000 views hit MME, which is predicted around March-April! More news on this massive history making release!

We have set dozens of records in the past year of 2012! I really hope we can set some more! In fact, WordPress has been so awesome, that they made a 2012 report for us! Read it here:

Once again, thank you so much everyone! You don’t even know how much of a big smile I have because of you all! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

Let’s keep rocking on! Enjoy the fireworks all over MME for the next week or so! A new Winter theme is on it’s way! Stay tuned! 🙂

Some massive stuff are coming to MME this year! Get ready everyone! Keep the love, support, and views coming! Spread the love! 😉

Happy New Year, and all the best for 2013! May this be your year and hopefully all your wishes come true. Live it up!

Leave a comment to tell MME what your New Years resolutions are for 2013! Don’t forget to shout out and wish all your friends and everyone here at MME a Happy New Year! We will be featuring some of the good comments in our reviews next week, here at MME! So leave those comments! 😉


Merry Christmas!

Hey monsters! It’s finally here! That time of the year! That joyful day, IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Moshi Twistmas

Good day everyone! It’s a beautiful one! Merry Christmas to any Monsters out there celebrating this joyful holly day!

I thank you for all your support, and love, towards MME! I promise, MME team will owe you all something! I will post a big thank you and surprise post on Dec 31!


All MME workers, Rosscp, Lukey140701, and WR12 are on a vacation from MME! I have told them to take a break until New Years from MME! They did too much so they should relax, anyone else agree? So I will update you guys daily until New Years! From their behalf, Merry Christmas to you, you, you, you, and you, and you, and EVERYONE!!!!

moshi_support_bottom[1]Speaking of Christmas, 2009Fire15 has made a special treat for all his fans and friends! Check it out! All I Want For Christmas Is You (3) ENJOY:

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas MME! Merry Christmas!!!!

Hope you enjoyed! I will post the other seasons, tomorrow! 😀


Moshi Monsters- Introducing Moshling Wash Feature! (New For 2012!)

Hey Moshi Friends! Fire Here (The MME Creator/Official Owner) 

We Officially Have 10 Workers How Awesome Is That? Go See Our New page Too Called Daily Challenge Leaderboards! So Cool Right? 

Anyway, I See That There Is A BRAND New Moshi Feature “Wash Your Moshlings” It’s Very Cool Too! You Can Give Them A Bath Lol! Just Go To Your Moshling Zoo, And If Any Moshling Has A Splat Above Them, They Need Cleaning! Also, As a Reminder There Will be An ! (Exclamation Mark!) Which Means That You need To Clean Your Moshlings! If You Are Still Not Sure And Are Confused, You Are More Then Welcome To Check This Video Out Below, That I Made With A Mini Guide Of The Moshling Wash Feature! Check The Video Out For The Feature Info:

Thanks Guys! Check The Video Out And Like It And Comment! It Would Make Me Happy! Also Subscribe Too! 

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