How to get Ziggy Moshling on Moshi Monsters




ZIGGY #026 (Roxstars; Uncommon)

  • NAME: Ziggy Quirky Koala
  • SET: Roxstars
  • NUMBER: #026
  • RARITY: Uncommon
  • COMBINATION: Any Dragon, Any Dragon, Black Crazy Daisy

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Moshling Ziggy… Any Day Now!

UPDATE: Ziggy has just been released! Here’s his combination, click:

Hey everyone, hope you’ve been having a good week! Wow it’s been extremely hot here! 46°C/114°F! Lol I am sure that’s why a melted photo has been released on the Daily Growl this morning!




Okay, that sure is the new moshling.. ZIGGY! Here is a clearer picture of the new moshling, courtesy of MME itself

How awesome? Ziggy will be released VERY VERY soon! Any day now! It will be the next moshling to be released! Since Ziggy was revealed on the DG, it means he will be here real soon! Stay tuned to MME for his combination! Oh yeah, don’t forget to watch his animation, uploaded and courtesy by 2009Fire15:

Who’s excited for Ziggy? Like his animation? What do you all think? Comment!

2009Fire15 Sig

20 New Moshlings Coming Soon to Moshi Monsters!

Hey everyone we have got exclusive images from Moshi Monsters!  There are many new moshlings on their way to Monstro City, and I managed to get a peek at 20 of them! You guys might want to see this!

New Moshlings Coming Soon:

  • Shoney
  • Linton
  • Lurgee
  • Ziggy
  • Hocus
  • Prickles
  • Cosmo
  • Peekaboo
  • Lummox
  • Hoolio
  • Hissy
  • Topsy Turvy
  • Splatter
  • Misty
  • Bodge
  • Zack Binspin
  • Cater
  • Pinestien
  • King Toot
  • Microdave

Total: 20

Please continue reading for EXCLUSIVE images of all the NEW 20 MOSHLINGS!!

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