MUSIC VIDEO: Moshi Monsters – Zack Binspin – Head Over Heels

Zack Binspin

Zack Binspin

Hey everyone! The music video for Zack Binspin’s new song “Head Over Heels” has been released officially in Monstro City at Music Island’s Moshi TV Studios! I was able to get the video from the island and got the audio from Moshi! Special thanks to them! So I uploaded it all on YouTube for those who can’t see it! Check it out!

video EXCLUSIVE by 2009fire15

The Official Moshi Monsters YouTube channel will post this video very soon too. For now enjoy the one above, as I think it’s only up here.

What’s your favourite part?! Let us know in the comments! I love his reaction when he gets his phone bill LOL 😛

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