Lummox’s Seed Combination Revealed!


We are the first to show this, credit to MME! 🙂

Hey Guys,

Earlier in the year, when Moshling Madness came out it was revealed on Lummox’s card that he had a seed combination. Moshi were asked, and they said it would come in the future, we didn’t think this soon.


The only way to get Lummox was by buying the Moshling Mall at a whopping £49.99! I know a lot of people bought the mall, just so they could get Lummox! Money wasted, perhaps?

Now today, his seed combination has been officially released.

Please continue reading if you wish to find out Lummox’s code!

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Hey monsters! Recently, a MME fan, Courtney1910,
Sent in a wicked image of all the new 2013 Moshlings! Some have already been released, and some aren’t!
Take a look:


Disclaimer: Thanks for the owner of this image, this is edited from the Moshlings Tick Chart 2 and some of these names haven’t been actioned yet. The above information may not be proven right. Below here is some of the ‘REAL’ information we know for sure!

• Sweeny Blob
• Sprinkles
• Long Beard
• Shoney
• Linton
• Lurgee
• Yoyo
• Ziggy
• Bentley
• Hocus
• Raffles
• Scrambles/Yoka (BOTH HAVE SAME IMAGE!)
• Prickles
• Cosmo
• Marcel
• Peekaboo
• Lummox
• Hulio
• Hissy
• Topsy Turvy!


Alright that’s CRAZY! Most Moshlings listed above aren’t released. As said, some are released.
We will keep you updated on how to catch ALL these Moshlings once they are released! The release dates are unknown yet, but are most likely to be in 2013. Stay tuned!
Please comment if you know ANY info about any of these new Moshlings!
Once again, thanks Courtney1910 for sharing this image with us!

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