Moshi Monsters: How to get Ultra Rare Nipper Techies Moshling (#108 Techies Tichy Trundlebot, Techies)

Moshling Reminder #2 –  How to get Nipper #108

Today I’m gonna be telling you how to get NIPPER!

How to get Nipper!
1. Purchase the ‘Moshling Zoo’ DS Game.
2. Open the game and find the Nipper Code Card
3. Click on enter a secret code after you’ve logged in.
4. Enter the code you were sent.
5. Plant the ‘Robo Dendron’ seed with any two seeds.
6. Wait around 6-8 hours and Nipper will appear in your garden.

Well I hope that’s enough for you all! If this is your first time visiting Moshi Monsters Expressway, make sure you check back often, as we hold many exclusives, and look how popular we are with amost 1,700,000 visits! And If you’re a regular viewer make sure you check MME 3.0 which will be coming really soon! 

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