Yolka Update, Party Palace Update and Some Brand New Codes!

Yolka is now to be released next Monday, as confirmed by Mind Candy and as proven in game. Although, weren’t very clear so we don’t know if they mean Monday 24th June or Monday 1st July! So no doubt that we’ll all know Yolka‘s seed combination soon!


Aren’t you excited! We’ll be getting Yolka soon from a seed combination! One person we know, actually has Yolka! Their name is ‘UVA1212, so please visit their room and you will see Yolka in action!


Click Here to find out a little more about Yolka! Click here to find out even more! 

Also speculated, the Party Palace! We’ve noticed that some of you can’t see the Party Palace and some of you can! Well the Moshi Support team have confirmed that the Puzzle Palace isn’t quite finished and the monsters chosen to participate in testing are testing!

With thanks to Budeyboy5000 for sending that in! 

Some new codes! We’ve not had some new codes in ages, so here are some!
SLOPPYCORN for Sloporn
PONG98 for a free Buck plushie!

I’m not yolking so enjoy!! 🙂