How to get Jessie Moshling on Moshi Monsters


Hey Everyone, today Jessie the Ginger McMoshling has been released, through an incredibly cool source, a monster named ‘cactii’, please visit the amazing room! Jessie will help you to complete the Mythies!


JESSIE (#099, Mythies; Ultra Rare) jessie789
Pink Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Red Hot Silly Peppers


Enjoy this brand new Moshling combination 100% courtesy of MME! We are the first blog to have posted the Jessie combination as we have been working very closely with cactii! Lets hope that we’ll be receiving more Moshlings thanks to cactii! And remember if you are posting this on your blog you must give Moshi Monsters Expressway some credit! Thank you very much!

What do you think about Jessie! I love her. Im Scottish so I would love her! 😛 Coming up this weekend we’ll have a report on Jessie and her Moshling bio!

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-2009Fire15 (Owner) & Rosscp (Author)