Bentley’s Seed Combination!

Hey everyone, thanks to some loyal fans, we found out Bentley’s seed combination! I am a bit late, but just remembered to post it!

Bentley’s seed combination is:



  • Black Star Blossom
  • Black Star Blossom
  • Black Moon Orchid


Before, you had to complete the Great Moshi Treasure Hunt (Now Unavailable) and now all you need to do is plant the three seeds mentioned above!

Who has Bentley? Do you? Comment!


Rosscp has Bentley! See Bentley in Action!

Hi Everyone, Fire has just confirmed how you can get Bentley! I have been given access to view the scavanger hunt and can confirm that you will get Bentley, which I have!

I, Rosscp have Bentley!

Click Here to See Bentley in action!

Bentley Facts:
– Bentley is Ultra Rare, #113
– Bentley is a Super Loofah
– Bentley is part of the Sploshies/Sploshlings set!
– Bentley will be officially released on Sunday! (26th May)
– Only Members can get Bentley – for now!

How to get Bentley:
You must complete the Scavanger Hunt, part of the Moshi Pirate Takeover, Must complete all parts, and the last part will get you Bentley
– Members Only
– Only Available Sunday and a few more days after!


How to get Bentley Moshling on Moshi Monsters


BENTLEY #113 (Sploshies; Common)

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