All 12 Moshi Monsters Christmas/Twistmas Codes for 2012.

Fact Flashback #2 – Twistmas Codes

Here are all the 2012 Christmas Item Codes:

DEER9 for A Twistmas Lamp
FLOOR11 for a Log Floor
STOCKING12 for a Twistmas Stocking
CANE15 for A Raining Candy Cane Machine
PAPER18 for the Twistmas wallpaper
TEDDY23 for The Twistmas Version of The Scare Bear
LIGHTS30 For Twistmas Lights
MACHINE40 for a Snow Machine
BAUBLE41 for A Hanging Twistmas Bauble
DOOR42 for A Twistmas Door
WINDOW44 for a Twistmas Window
TREE47 for the 2012 Twistmas Tree!

ALSO: BARFMALLOWS for a Twistmas Book Poster
ALSO: TWISTYTIME for Christmas Kandy Kanes
ALSO: TYRA2222 for Roary’s Twistmas Present to Tyra!