Moshi Monsters: How to get Ultra Rare Dustbin Beaver Secrets Moshling (Secret #4, #104, Moptop Tweenybop, Secrets)

How to get Dustbin Beaver #104

4Almost every single day we have got a comment asking how to get Dustbin Beaver, and It’s impossible to comment to every one. 

How to get Dustbin Beaver 1. Go to and click ‘Buy Now’. 2. Click on your region and then click on Subscriptions 3. Purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription. 4. Add to basket, and then go to checkout. 5. Follow On-Screen Instructions. 6. Wait around 48 hours (Mon-Fri) and the code will be emailed to you 7. Click on enter a secret code after you’ve logged in. 8. Enter the code you were sent. 9. Plant the ‘Trashy Tulip’ seed with any two seeds. 10. Wait around 6-8 hours and Dustbin Beaver will appear in your garden.

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MoshiOffer.Com- New Blingo Code!

Click Here For The Code!

Watch The Video By 2009FIRE15 For The Code!

Enjoy Your Blingo!



Have A Wicked And Sweet Weekend

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You Will Have To buy Busters Lost Moshling Book.

Pictures Of Blingo (Sent In By Derivol6)

Here Is  Picture Of Blingo, The Next Moshling (Secret #3)

Some Other Pics:

Here Is the Same Pics Again: LOL



A VERY Cool XD Video

Watch The Vid (Its Nothing Inappropriate) its Super Cool! A Snow Explosion:

SUPER Cool Huh?! LOL

P.S The New Moshling Coming Up Is Secret 3, Called BLINGO.

Dont Know How To Do Super Moshi Mission #2? Click Here For The Full Tutorial!!


Secret #3 is called Blingo

One of my friends in school has the moshi mag and on page 37 it has a picture of  Blingo! Blingo Should Be Out During This Month (February) Because This Magazine Is About The Upcoming Events In Feb. Again, Blingo Is On PAGE 37, And Is Going To be Part Of The Secret Moshlings. Myself And Lukey, DO NOT Have The Magazine Yet. As It Is Not Available In Our Location.

YAY! A Pic Of Blingo:

-Lukey140701 And 2009Fire15