Rosscp has Bentley! See Bentley in Action!

Hi Everyone, Fire has just confirmed how you can get Bentley! I have been given access to view the scavanger hunt and can confirm that you will get Bentley, which I have!

I, Rosscp have Bentley!

Click Here to See Bentley in action!

Bentley Facts:
– Bentley is Ultra Rare, #113
– Bentley is a Super Loofah
– Bentley is part of the Sploshies/Sploshlings set!
– Bentley will be officially released on Sunday! (26th May)
– Only Members can get Bentley – for now!

How to get Bentley:
You must complete the Scavanger Hunt, part of the Moshi Pirate Takeover, Must complete all parts, and the last part will get you Bentley
– Members Only
– Only Available Sunday and a few more days after!