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New Support Widgets Coming Very Soon!

Thank you for all your views! Right now we only have one widget but not to worry as more will be coming very soon!



  • Right click on the image!
  • Click on ‘Save Image As’ etc OR COPY IMAGE URL
  • Go to your blog, upload the image OR PASTE IMAGE URL
  • Set the link to MME!

Video Tutorial Coming Soon!

How Can You Support MME?

  • Use our widget!
  • Tell Your Friends About This Site At School, and On Moshi!
  • Subscribe Us to find out about the latest posts and Moshi info!
  • Add This Site To Your Bookmarks and remember us!
  • Visit Our Site As Much as you can, leave comments!
  • Visit our pages, comment and take part in events!

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45 thoughts on “Support Us

  1. Loving the site, but really need help connecting with friends on moshi village….if there is anyone looking for friends invite One Ball 1003 3450 64 and Pinkie 7001 2991 99. Thx Max and Molly!

  2. I know you only advertise moshi blogs but is it possible to advertise my stuff site it has a moshi page.
    by the way i love this blog.
    My sites is:
    If it is plz replie.
    Dont worry if u cant do that.

  3. Hey Fire!

    You told me to send you an email with regards to a job on MME this year. Was just checking to see if you got it? I know you get loads of emails, but just wanted to make sure you received it or weren’t ignoring it?

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  5. how do you get dustbinbiever???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Don’t be rude!
      The Team put in a LOT of effort into this website, and STILL are! I view this everyday!!! If you think it is rubbish, maybe you could tell 2009fire15, Rosscp, goldenchingo, mrwallop, lukey104071 and the rest of the team what they can do to improve it!

  6. Cool! Very well maintained this site. Having more than 1,000,000 visits. Even I hoped that my blog susyminifymm could also have that many visits. Very nice website and a very helpful one.

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