Welcome to our Moshi Monsters Expressway Site Statistics page where we’re giving you some nitty gritty stats about Moshi Monsters Expressway and how popular we are!

Monthly Views from August 2010 – April 2013

Moshi Monsters Expressway’s busiest month was in April 2012, where we were viewed over 123,000 times! That month broke several records and made so much history on MME such as a new daily views record, that was broken twice, that stands this day at 6,620 views! We also reached a record amount of people viewing the homepage at one time was 55!

  • Total Comments – 15,000 (Thank You for Your Comments/Views!)
  • Total Spam Comments – 65,000 (SPAM IS NOT ACCEPTED)

MME was in the top three Moshi Blogs by December 2010, then reaching the #1 Spot by 2011, which we still hold! Thank you for staying at MME and viewing MME!

2012 was our busiest year to date, followed by 2011 slightly behind!

Annual Reports from WordPress!

Hope you enjoyed our little Stat Attack!

9 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. WOW!You guys were on the top of the moshi blog list in 2011 and still hold that spot.You must of put a lot of hard work into getting to be number one!

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