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Welcome to MME’s site staff page! Here at MME we have 6 different amazing workers, 7 including me (2009Fire15)

  1. 2009Fire15 – Owner/Creator/Founder/Administrator 
  2. Lukey140701 – Administrator/Author
  3. Moshlinginfo – Author/Editor 
  4. Goldenchildngo  Contributor
  5. MrWallop – Contributor
  6. Lmummery – Editor

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My Moshi Username is 2009Fire15. I am 14 years old, from Toronto Canada! My monster’s name is Howie. I chose it because I was watching the show Deal or No Deal at the time of creating my monster, and the host of the show is Howie Mandel! He is a Katsuma, and his main colours are blue and yellow. I joined Moshi Monsters because one of my good friends told me to sign up! After him convincing me, I finally decided to join Moshi Monsters on December 4th, 2009 in the afternoon! So I have been on Moshi for quite a while! I am on Level 37, and are Monstar A list. My favourite Moshi food is the Slug Slurpee and the Fairy Cake! My favourite moshling is Blingo, because he looks classy and has a cool tune! My favourite colours are blue, black, and white! My best friends are Lukey140701 and Pouran. I am the owner/founder/creator/administrator of Moshi Monsters Expressway.


My username is Lukey140701. I am 12 years old from Ireland! My monster’s name is Bubby. His main colour is blue, because it is my favourite colour! I am on Monstar A list, and have my own Moshi site- Lukey’s Moshi Site! One of my best friends are 2009Fire15, and that’s why I work here! I am one of the admins on MME!


Hey there, I’m Moshlinginfo (formerly Wr12) . I’ve been working here since March 2012 and am a BIG fan of Moshi Monsters! I was recently promoted to editor after the departure of Rosscp and I am currently working on some new features for MME. My favourite moshling is I.G.G.Y. and like fire I live in Toronto!







22 thoughts on “Site Staff

  1. Hello MME,
    Please can i work at MME i am good in english and live in the UK
    I am very experieced with hosting websites as i run 3 sites…
    I already know how to use WordPress!
    I can make realy good graphics designer!
    I love Moshi Monsters and your site…

    • Correct, Rosscp no longer works here on MME. In fact, he has been fired for being rude and mean. If you want more details, search up the post “The News About Rosscp” on the MME search bar at the top.

  2. dear 2009fire15 please please can i join mme i could be a great author but i wouldnt be picky about which part i get and im good at english and other subjects. plus mme is an extremely great site and i am eternally grateful to you for helping me with my mm acount. thanks.

  3. 2009fire15 please please could i join the site and maybe become an author on this extremely great site but im not picky on which job i get if i am allowed to. im great at english but also in other subjects as well.thanks a lot. and please reply thanks

    • Hey Zain, I appreciate that you would like to work on MME, however at this moment we cannot accept any new workers or authors. We will be hiring more workers at the end of this year! Stay tuned!

      Sorry, but we hope you understand! Thanks 🙂

  4. I was wondering if, I could be an author or and editor too please? I have good skills in English and I love Moshi Monsters a lot! Hope that you’ll let me be an author!

      • hey, i was wondering if you would like a graphic designer for your site well if you must know i am good a it, and if you go on my blog available here at : you’ll see my banner the header for my site, it even says made by starblast so could i be one of them? And you do know that if i’m one you will need to send me a job of a administrator but i will just be making headers and backgrounds for your site! So if you need me contact me through my blog or email me here at : thanks agian! And please think about it!

      • Hey thanks for asking. Sorry, but I want an actual graphics designer. I really appreciatate your time and efforts towards MME, but I already found two really good graphic designers for MME, and I am willing to hire them. I mean I can do graphics myself, but dont have enough time right now.
        Will let you know if I need you. Keep up the good work though! 🙂

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