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Welcome to our Quizzes/Surveys page! It’s a small page to see what you think of MME and how smart you are 😉 Take a quick look!



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95 thoughts on “Quizzes & Surveys

  1. I love you moshi monster! And AWESOME blog MME! Thank you sooo much for ALL he codes! i subscribe to MME and get really useful codes and detailes of Mosh Monsters!

    I Love you Moshi MOnsters Expressway

  2. Hey I got 80% on the test and some of them I did not even know!
    I loved the test, do you think you can make more of them?

  3. Thnks For The AWESOME QUIZ 2009fire15 ! But I got 80% .. 😦 !! Pls Add Me 2009fire15 ! OwnerName : dannyboy123456186

  4. When you are reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! {Sorry about this} This girls name is summer shes 15 years old & has blonde hair, Many scars no Nose Or Ears.. She is dead.If you dont copythis just like like from the ring, copy n post on 5 more sites..OR SUMMER WILL APPEAR ONE DARK QUIET NIGHT WHEN UR NOT…………………… ­­­­­……..ExPECTING IT BY YOUR BED WITH A KNIFE AND KILL U.THIS IS NO JOKE SOMETHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN TO U IF YOU POST THIS ON 5MORE PAGES

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