Poll Ideas


Have you got a spectacular Moshi poll that you think should be displayed on Moshi Monsters Expressway? Then leave your ideas in the comments!

Each month on the first, here at MME we post a poll for you all to vote on!

All monthly polls will be displayed on our sidebar!

Get Voting!

191 thoughts on “Poll Ideas

  1. I think that there should be a poll asking about whether you would be an A-lister; be on level 50; have over 1,000 friends on your friend tree; or be a member for your whole life.

  2. My ideas for the Poll of the Week are to have a poll asking you where’s your favorite place in Monstro City and a poll asking you your favorite store in Monstro City is. I hope that you like these ideas. LOL!

  3. wow everyone heres my idea
    poll;what food does your monster like best?
    and poll;how often do you go on moshi monsters?
    I go on 1 or 2 times a day for about 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon or evening

  4. irishdancernsw wonders…
    what is your favourite moshling
    1( humpry
    2( burnie
    3( o really
    4( rofl
    5( iggy
    6( tingaling
    7( waldo
    8( whats a moshling

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