Pinboard Guide


The Pinboard is a message board in every monster’s house. It is used receive messages from your friends and post messages to the readers. 

The image above, is the old Moshi pinboard of 2007-2009- this is from the early stages of Moshi Monsters (also known as beta). It has changed from then, the layout, the pins, basically everything.


The pinboard is mainly for sending messages, but you can use it for other purposes, such as reminders, news, and more. When you send a message, you can choose from a variety of colours and icons. 

Usually this is reported with the report button, a small Button in the top right corner with a M on it. The player can also delete the messages by pressing the X button next to the report button. Unfortunatley, much like the Forums, a filter was added, a massive amount of people got upset and angry, on the fact that now no users can chat freel, and how bullies can get messages through but innocent people cannot. Lots of users now speak in secret codes, but quite a lot of code is also banned from the filter, some people have gone as far as chatting on the Daily Growl or even the shout outs by leaving personal or physical messages to them.


There is a few problems with the Pinboard as it is not live moderated, which means players can say some mean stuff and let it get through. Sometimes, players cannot send a message as too many people are chatting and playing at the same time.

Most schools ban Moshi Monsters from being used on the computers because of the pinboard, apparently a lot of parents complain.

Fighting on the Pinboard

Unfortunately, many Monsters swear on the Pinboard. The player can report the Message, but it takes a while to be read and moderated. With the newly added ‘OOPS!’ feature, it isn’t possible to say mean and hurtful words


10 thoughts on “Pinboard Guide

  1. Thanks for the guide! Though I get a bit annoyed at the OOPS thing because my words are fine. Me and my friends talk in code! 🙂

  2. i love you moshi monsters your the best cool fun awesome game ever and moshi monster look amazing when its christmas yaaaaaaaay but i want my christmas gift is free member code for 6 month i wish i wish i wish i can have it pleeeeeeeeeeeeas

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