Welcome to Moshi Monsters Expressway’s official chat! Please read the rules below before going to the chat and remember to have fun whilst following the rules!

MME Chat Rules – The Do’s and Don’t’s of the MME Chat 

✓ Treat others how you want to be treated!
✓ Be friendly
✓ Help others on request!
✓ Tell the truth!
✓ Use appropriate language!
✓ Use private chat if it’s important!
Respect others!

X Harrass other people!
X Ask to work here!
X Swear or cuss!
X Advertise!
X Discuss any personal details!
X Speak of anything dating related!
X Discuss any personal details!
X Flood or spam our chat!

Thank you for obeying the rules!

259 thoughts on “Chat

  1. u should make the comment box thing at the top cuz ts annoying to go all the waaaayyy dooowwnnn heeerrrree lol u should though

  2. los amo hay talvezque salgan videos de natalia a y al final termina aurora y juan juntos si quieren conocerme veanlo mañana comenten si les gusto despues de q me conozcan les hago un stripease conmo hago en algunos bliches y si quieren tambien les hago el amor

  3. Hi everyone, how are you today.Just discovered the chat on this site today and i love it!!!!Great work MME staff for making a friendly swear-free chat, you guys rock!!!!

  4. 2009fire15,I like moshi monsters,but…you know,I just dont understand with your wbsite,you just need to write your email and what name of your account will be,you know..I dont have my own website,,so…im quiet scared that you will no because im 9 years old.and im in year 4 in school,but im………

  5. Hey fire! remember me? I’m lyric012/blueshoonks 🙂
    Anyway, I’d like to apply for mod because.. I’m a mod
    on 4 xat Chats! (Yeah, really!) so I have ALOT of experience,
    & plus since I’m in the Other side of the world from where you are, I could look after the Chat since its daytime in New Zealand while its Night time in Canada! 😀 🙂

  6. Hi, Can i please be a mod?, I think i would be a great mod. I am mods in most chats so please let me know if i got to be a mod or not, By the way my names cel.

    • What’s I have just become a member I don’t know any of this monster stuff I’m just a guardian worried about websites like this it makes children stay online or whatever it is all day if I we’re hear I would go out get fresh air I would put a time on with they could play it for I already have a group of guardians I’m not happy follow the website at the bottom for support http://Www.get rid of or phone286479118731

  7. Can I please be an admin/mod?? My owner name in the game is Mrwallop, I have won fan art of the week, and have a sticky discussion in Monstro City Welcoming Comittee! I have good typing skills and am on moshi everyday! Please can I be one?

    Happy Monstering!

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