Moshling Eggs Guide


Each month Moshi release a Moshling Egg on Main Street. In the Moshling Egg you can receive a Moshling, but you don’t know who it will be! You pick up the Moshling Egg, and it takes you to your garden. Each day you can click it three times, and then after seven days of clicking three times everyday, you will get a free Moshling! Who will it be?

How to get your free Moshling:
Step 1: Head to Main Street
Step 2: Click on the Yellow Egg with the ribbon that says ‘Click Me’
Step 3: Once Clicked, It takes you to your garden.
Step 4: Click on the Egg Three Times. Not too fast!!
Step 5: Do this every day for another six days and you will have your free moshling in no time!
Step 6: Click on the Moshling that has come out of the egg.
Step 7: Click Keep, and now you have the Moshling in your zoo!
Step 8: Check Back Here at MME and we will keep you updated when new Moshling Eggs come out!!

Moshlings Received in Eggs:
March/April 2013: Professor Purplex
February 2013: HipHop
December 2012: Scamp and Twistmas Moshling Eggs
November 2012: Boomer
October 2012: Ecto
September 2012: Honey



4 thoughts on “Moshling Eggs Guide

  1. This makes me really sad. I joining moshimonsters in Oct 2012 but didn’t get a membership until my birthday in may 2013. I had been SO excited about being able to hatch eggs that I’d seen around town but since I’ve been a member there haven’t been any more 😦

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