Moshling Cup

Here are the results of the 2013 Moshling Cup!



IGGY (1) Defeats Burnie (2) 322-164!  IGGY WINS! Thanks for voting!!!!

Third Round:

Burnie (1) Defeats Blingo (4) 106-49

IGGY (2) defeats Zack Binspin (3) 147-105

Second Round:

IGGY (1) Defeats Misty (8) 55-46

Blingo (7) Defeats Grinny (2) 33-20

Zack Binspin (3) Defeats Jessie (6) 36-12

Burnie (4) Defeats Busling (5) 59-54

First Round:

Grinny Defeats Fifi 34-8

IGGY Defeats Sooki-Yaki 36-10

Misty Defeats Boomer 18-7

Jessie Defeats O’Really 19-11

Burnie Defeats Roobie 24-21

Blingo Defeats Wurley 18-9

Busling Defeats Suey 22-8

Zack Binspin Defeats Pinestein 31-19

The Moshling Cup is a competition to see which moshling is the most popular. The moshlings above were the top 16 most voted for in the qualifying round before this round. The moshlings above will “battle” for 2 days each and the moshling with the most votes by the end of the 2 days advances.

*Matchups are decided by seeding the top and bottom moshling and going one up or one down each time. E.g. 1v8 2v7 3v6 etc…


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