Moshi World Records


Welcome to the MME Moshi World Records page! This is a one and only, exclusive! This page is for those awesome monsters who deserve recognition for their extremes! There are many categories, and there are top three for each! Feel free to visit the monsters by clicking their name! Enjoy! Congratulations to everyone listed below!

Most Visits on Moshi Monsters:

  1. CURATOR 1,710,000+ Visits
  2. SILLY – 940,100+ Visits
  3. MRMOSHI – 660,300+ Visits

Most Gifts on Moshi Monsters:

  1. ROSYROSE77779702+ Gifts
  2. POURAN – 4388+ Gifts
  3. KZANE  1554+ Gifts

Most Pinboard Messages on Moshi Monsters:

  1. KZANE 155,000+ Messages
  2. POURAN – 123,800+ Messages
  3. DAVIDW22- 113,371+ Messages

Most Moshlings on Moshi Monsters:

  1. DAVIDW22 3,340+ Moshlings
  2. MIRANDAPUDDLEDUCK – 633+ Moshlings
  3. KZANE  612+ Moshlings

Most Rox on Moshi Monsters:

  1. ANDY06AU – 555,000+ Rox
  2. FERGY373 – 320,000+ Rox
  3. KZANE  311,000+ Rox

Highest Daily Challenge Score:

  1. FREDDY_KUGER – 34
  2. BFR_DANDY33
  3. SPOCK30 – 32

WOW! Congrats to everyone above! So many awesome people up there! If you find anyone, or yourself with a bigger or higher record for a certain category, please comment! Also let us know what you think? Maybe you could be up there some day! If you already are, comment! 😀

Lets Get Record-Breaking!

2009Fire15 Sig

23 thoughts on “Moshi World Records

  1. fergy373 has more rox than kzane. Check it out 320,000 rox. Also funalong has 260,000 rox should be number 1 and 3 on your list

  2. spider-t has 656 moshlings! please visit me i’m supermoshikane i have 116 gifts (i think!) over 220 moshlings,over 930 messages please.

    p.s your so cool!

  3. Hi, I think that I should be on your World Record Board for Most Rox. My Screen Name is Snookiepoops and I have 217,000+ Rox. Thanks. Sophie x

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