Moshi Membership Guide

memebr guide

Moshi membership is a great way to have more fun on Moshi Monsters!

You can become a Moshi member for: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The monthly memberships can be bought online, where as others are from Moshi merch and products. Monthly membership can also be found at:


Being a Moshi Member will get you all sorts of cool stuff:

Moshi Passport

Get your very own magical Moshi PASSPORT! which is your VIP pass to get into The Underground Disco. It’s also your ticket to The Port, Gift Island, and more!

Unlimited Friends

Moshi Members are going to be super popular so to cater for your new found fame you can have thousands and thousands of friends on your tree! You’ll be an A-List MONSTAR in no time!

Be a Super Moshi!

Be a Super Moshi! The Super Moshis need YOU! Rise to the challenge and join the Super Moshis in their crusade for all things monstrous and good. Earn your cape and mask and complete missions to save the city from a host of mysterious threats. Solve puzzles, meet cool characters, visit new locations and collect SECRET MOSHLINGS!

Show off your art on Googenheim

Show off your art! Fancy yourself as a Fabio Fiasco or a Vincent Van Gruff? As a Moshi Member you can submit your very own art to the Googenheim Gallery. If your artwork is chosen it will appear in the gallery along with your name for the whole of Monstro City to see! There’s new artwork EACH WEEK and Googenheim artists all receive the amazing POWER PALLET!

House Styles

Want a sky-high towering Skyscraper? How about a Hilltop Mountain House? Or better yet, a castle? With your Moshi Membership, you can have these things, AND add extra rooms to your house. Now you’ll have a place for ALL your stuff!

Games Starcade

At the Games Starcade you can buy playable video games for your monster’s room. Your friends can even play them when they visit your house! Choose from the addictive Bug’s Big Bounce, Octo’s Eco Adventure, Weevil Kneevil’s Downhill Dash, and more!

Underground Disco

Only Moshi Members can get past the bouncer at the Underground Disco. Earn Rox and see how many tracks you can unlock from artists such as Banana Montana, The Groanas Brothers, and more!

Gift Island

Hop on the ferry to Gift Island where you can buy exclusive gifts for all your friends. The best part? The gifts are delivered all wrapped up with a Moshi-rific animation and you can even add a personal message. Keep your gifts in your Gift Room for everybody to see!

Moshi Passport

Only Moshi Members have access to the Moshling Zoo, a place where you can keep all your Moshlings in order. As a member you’ll also have access to exclusive Moshling seeds that will attract a host of ULTRA RARE Moshlings. There are over 40 Moshlings roaming the wild. How many can you collect?

Monster Wash

Fed up with your monster’s color? Well, now you can change it whenever you want! Give your little monster a style make-overand a completely new color scheme. Over ONE BILLION possible combinations to choose from!

The Port

Your passport allows you to cross the rickety bridge and take a trip to the hustling, bustling Moshi Port! Shop till you drop over at Babs’ Boutique, and if Cap’n Buck’s ship is docked you’ll be able to buy some one-of-a-kind treasure from his adventures at sea.


The lush and fertile soil near Potion Ocean is home to lots of weird and wonderful plants. None more magical than the famous ROX TREE! Shake it and watch the Rox rain down. Money literally does grow on trees!

and much more! 

To enter any membership codes, go to the membership page, click on the right top corner “Activate Membership Card” and enter your code correctly. Make sure you are logged in!

Stay Tuned to MME as we have membership codes regularly!

Are you a Moshi Member? Do you want to be? Comment and Let us know!

4 thoughts on “Moshi Membership Guide

  1. I really need to ask this, when your membership runs out, does it keep your moslings safely in your zoo for when you become a member again???

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