Moshi Jokes

Welcome to our Moshi Jokes page! Here we have a collection of our favourite Moshi Jokes from the past Moshi Magazines! Hope you Laugh Out Loud or even Roll on the floor laughing!

What is a dentist’s worst enemy?
Sweet Tooth!

How many Glumps does it take to fix a light bulb?
None, they would rather scare you in the dark!

Why did sweet tooth eat all her homework?
Because it was a piece of cake!

Why can’t some monsters have a balloon?
Because they’ll Poppet!

What type of food does Kissy have for lunch?
Ghost Beef!

Where do monsters go when they’re ill?
The Moshpital!

Where do all the baby monsters go during the day?
To Dayscare!

Why is Captain Buck so bad at saying the alphabet?
Because they always get lost at C!

What do karate monsters say instead of hello?

Why did Diavlo eat a light bulb?
Because he wanted a light snack!

What type of underwear does Sweet Tooth wear?

What is Big Bad Bill’s favorite food?

What do you call a monster that sleeps on a chandelier?
A light sleeper!

What does Furi like to play at parties?
Swallow the leader!

How do monsters like their eggs?

What do you call a sleeping Doris?
A Dino-Snore!

What’s Squidge’s favourite sport?

Why did one-handed Zommer cross the road?
Because the second hand shop was on the other side!

Why does Roxy get good grades?
she’s so bright!

What is Captain Buck’s favourite game?

How do you know if Mini Ben’s hungry?
He’ll go back for seconds!

What did Katsuma say to Cleo?
Where’s my mummy?

What’s a monster’s favourite game?
Hide and Shriek!

What did Zommer get after shopping at Horrods?
A Big Bad Bill!

Why was Cali so embarrassed?
Because the see weed!

Submit your own Moshi jokes in the comments! The best ones will be published right here on this page! 

Which joke is your favourite? Let us know!

Get laughing!

21 thoughts on “Moshi Jokes

  1. How to you stop Big Bad Bull from charging?
    Take away his credit card!

    Knock Knock
    Im a pile-up

  2. What are the three best ways to wake up Lady Goo Goo?
    1. Call the peppyrazzi!
    2. Poke her face
    3. Just dance!

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