Monstar Lists Guide

Welcome to the Monstar list page! Here is a list of how many visits you need to achieve a particular monstar level!


These are approximate estimations of the amount of room visits needed to achieve a particular MONSTAR list letter!

These visits are recorded from 2009fire15, as he hit certain lists. 

MONSTAR A:              56,044 VISITS
MONSTAR B:              35,901 VISITS
MONSTAR C:              22,818 VISITS
MONSTAR D:              14,596 VISITS
MONSTAR E:                9,132 VISITS
MONSTAR F:                6,380 VISITS
MONSTAR G:                4,110 VISITS
MONSTAR H:                2,668 VISITS
MONSTAR I:                 1,715 VISITS
MONSTAR J:                 1,010 VISITS
MONSTAR K:                   719 VISITS
MONSTAR L:                    464 VISITS
MONSTAR M:                   306 VISITS
MONSTAR N:                    197 VISITS
MONSTAR O:                    100 VISITS
MONSTAR P:                      50 VISITS
MONSTAR Q:                      35 VISITS

Monstar r:                      28 vsists
MONSTAR S:                       22 VISITS
MONSTAR T:                        15 VISITS
MONSTAR U:                       10 VISITS
MONSTAR V:                         5 VISITS
MONSTAR X:                         2 VISITS
MONSTAR Z:                           1 VISIT

Monstar A list the highest list you can achieve, and Monstar Z is the lowest.

What Monstar list are you? Comment and let us know!

2009Fire15 Sig

35 thoughts on “Monstar Lists Guide

  1. Hi,I just wanted to tell you that you reach MonSTAR H at 2651 visits. Not 2668. I was there the second I turned MonSTAR H list so I know. When Fire woke up the next day he probably found he was H list with 2668 visits and thought it was that?? 😛 But just saying. MonSTAR H list is at 2651 visits. And I recently got it!!! 😀 So can you all please help me get to G next!!

    • All you need to do gain higher monster lists is gain visits. To gain visits you can visit other people and leave visit number. Ask them to visit back!

      Ask people to visit you, make videos, maybe a site! It will make you Moshi famous which will get you more visits! 🙂

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