Levelling Up Guide

Ever wanted to know how to level up successfully, quickly, and efficiently? Then your on the right page! Here’s some tips:

1. Keep your health and happiness high!


Doing this will increase the speed to level up. If your health and happiness are low, you will not be able to level up at all! So make your monster is full and healthy!




2. Complete daily challenge everyday!


Completing your daily challenge is an amazing way to level up fast. In fact it is the best way. Do your daily challenge everyday. It really helps your level meter rise!

3. Complete all quests daily!


Quests do help you level up, though they may not give you very much compared to other ways. Every little thing does build up! Just complete all quests, as there are several everyday! Each quest will give you rox and some XP for your level meter. Between 10-35 XP are rewarded. You will get more quests if you’re a member!

4. Complete missions!


That’s right! Complete those missions! Completing some missions will give you XP. In fact only season 3 missions will help your meter rise! Others really don’t. Just make sure to successfully finish the mission and return to your home for your meter to increase!

It gets harder to level up the bigger your number gets, Level 50 is the maximum!

Click here for the Level Trophies page!

Now here’s a video made by 2009fire15 of how to level up fast!

What level are you on? Let us know in the comments! 2009fire15’s on Level 36! Can you beat that? 

Get Levelling Up!

11 thoughts on “Levelling Up Guide

  1. Thanks for the leveling up tips. 😀 I am on level 21, started in February…and should be Level 22 today or tomorrow. screen name 50sweetscaredy, joined with my granddaughter gold43disco who is on Level 22 with my help 😀

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