How to Catch Moshlings Guide

There are many ways to catch Moshlings on Moshi Monsters:

  • Seed combinations

This is the most popular and main way to capture moshlings in your moshling garden! Flower seeds are used to attract the moshlings. They can be bought from the Seed Cart on Main Street or Super Seeds for members at The Port.  To get a certain moshling, you will need certain colours and certain flowers to attract it. The order of the flowers do not matter at all. Only colours and the flower type. Some moshlings are as easy as cake to attract, where as others can be as hard as a rock! Flowers do take up to 6 hours to grow, so you need some patience and hope! There are 8 different flower seeds that are available: Hot Silly Peppers, Dragon Fruit, Star Blossom, Mood Orchid, Magic Beans, Love Berries, and for members the last two are Snap Apples and Crazy Daisy. There are also 6 different possible flower colours: Purple, Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Yellow. To get started, go to the seed cart, Main Street or The Port

Seed Cart, Main Street

Seed Cart, Main Street


Super Seeds, The Port, Members Only

Buy the three correct flowers for the moshling. Example: I want to get Snookums moshling. To get him, we need three Star Blossom flowers. Buy them, then go to your moshling garden. Open the red pouch just like your chest at home, and drag the seeds to the dirt. (Order doesn’t matter) Then close the red pouch. Come back after 6 hours, and snookums will be there! To get Snookums his code is: Any 3 star blossoms. That means, any colour will attract him. Most Moshlings aren’t like that. They need certain colour(s) to be caught.





For a full list of moshling seed codes and combinations, click here!

  • Moshi missions

Every single month, Moshi Monsters releases a new mission. At the end of each mission, as a reward Moshi Monsters gives you a moshling to keep in your zoo. There are approximately 25 missions and counting. So there are about 25+ mission moshlings. You must successfully complete the mission until the very end to receive your prize, a moshling! After you keep it, it will be in your moshling zoo at home.


Free Moshling at the end of each mission

Free Moshling at the end of each mission

  • Secret codes

Moshi Monsters has a few moshlings that need one time use codes for a special seed. These are special flowers and special codes. Moshlings like: Dustbin Beaver, Shambles, Blingo and more need a code from Moshi merchandise. Enter that code you get on your package, and if it is a moshling seed, plant it with any other two seeds, wait 6 hours and your moshling will be ready for your zoo!


Page to enter your secret codes

  • Moshling eggs

Each month Moshi release a Moshling Egg on Main Street. In the Moshling Egg you can receive a Moshling, but you don’t know who it will be! You pick up the Moshling Egg, and it takes you to your garden. Each day you can click it three times, and then after seven days of clicking three times everyday, you will get a free Moshling! Who will it be?

Which way is your favourite way to catch Moshlings? How many moshlings have you got?! Let us know in the comments!


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