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Monthly on Moshi Monsters Expressway a ‘Fan of the Month’ is chosen from all our loyal Moshi Monsters Expressway fans who have been active on the site through commenting, entering competitions, contacting us and supporting MME to get some new viewers and visitors! Each month on the first a new ‘Fan of the Month’ is revealed!

Our  — 2013 winner is…

Due to a numerous amount of events happening on MME- Fan, Blog, and Room of the Month competitions will be put on hold, and will resume again in January 2014. See you then, good luck! -Fire

Why –?

MME has chosen— because she is an outstanding person! She is a daily viewer of MME and shows all the support she can! She enters our competitions  gives us feedback, and keeps in touch with us! We really appreciate all her amazing comments too! Fifi is an awesome person, and everyone should add her! Congratulations! Happy October!

What prizes does — get?

— gets 2 video gifts, 1 mystery gift on Moshi Monsters from 2009Fire15, be featured on MME for one month on this page, and on the sidebar! She will be remembered on MME forever!

How can you win MME’s ‘Fan of the Month’ like — has?

  • View Moshi Monsters Expressway as much as you can!
  • You must be friends with at least one member of the MME team!
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Comment A LOT so we can see you!
  • Support and help us!
  • We will choose the best outstanding fan!

Previous Winners

Congratulations to–! Congratulate her in the comments below! Remember commenting does increase your chance to become fan of the month!

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144 thoughts on “Fan of the Month

  1. Hi everybody.
    Merry Christmas hope you get lots of gifts.
    hi i am a really big fan i got a dooner cover for christmas and guess what was on it …….

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