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Welcome to Moshi Monsters Expressway’s official Daily Challenge Leaderboard, on this page it’s our  mission to find the top-scoring Daily Challenge players! Who is the best puzzle solver? It’s time to find out!

  1. Freddy_krugger: High Score 34
  2. Bfr_Dandy: High Score 33
  3. Spock30: High Score 32      
  4. Mayamer: High Score 28     
  5. Andy06au: High Score 27     
  6. Humancrane: High Score 27
  7. Firecracker: High Score 27
  8. Luckilye: High Score 26
  9. Pouran: High Score 26
  10. Wallopcat: High Score 26
  11. Fergy373:High Score 26
Click on their names to visit their Monster’s Room!

Please Note: These scores have been independently selected and checked by the MME team, with no request.


  • You must comment or fill out our form below to ask a member of staff to visit your room to verify your score!
  • You can request a place on the leader board for your friend/family!
  • You must have a score of 26 or greater!
  • You must be active on Moshi Monsters!
  • You must be a regular viewer of Moshi Monsters Expressway!
  • We would appreciate you if you could fill out the form below with a correct email!


  • If your score beats another, it will be added to our board at the next update (See Below)
  • These positions have all been independently checked and verified by the MME team, without request!
  • Let us know if there’s any problems!
  • You aren’t guaranteed to be on the leader board!
  • If you don’t meet all the requirements, you will not be featured on the leaderboard.
Submit your own score below:

last updated: JUNE 6th 2013

What’s your score?

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