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contact-us-let-us-know Do you have an issue, question, or comment about Moshi Monsters or Moshi Monsters Expressway? Then please contact us and let us know! We would really love to hear from you!

Ways you can contact the MME team: 

Please only contact us if your questions and comments etc are about Moshi Monsters and Moshi Monsters Expressway. Spamming will not be tolerated, neither will anything off topic. Replies are usually received within 48 hours, although please allow a seven day maximum.

UPDATE: Sorry for the long duration we take to reply. A huge bug was formed on the system, but we fixed it. All emails have been delivered and we will get to all very soon! Thanks -Fire

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We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

147 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. HI!,plz add me im charmcaster167!i want to be an author plz!i am a lvl 16,monstar j,and i am a CCer!(contest central on forums,and ccer means that i chat a lot on there!) add me 2009fire15 to contact me!

  2. Hi 2009fire15!
    Please add me! Please! I have been trying forever for you to add me!!! Please!
    My name is wonnabonna
    I am begging you!

  3. Hi Fire,

    What are these new Moshi Medals about (e.g. click on the new ‘Medals’ button with the flower ribbon located under the ‘View Profile’ button)?

    Also please add me if you get the chance (you have too many friends). I’m superman181500 😀

  4. do u use ur own codes and if u leave ur monster out too long it will say stuff or its head will look big to see if ur there

  5. I ADDED U TO MY SITE! Ur an Admin with Lukey140701 and Screenhog2 is a Co. U can post anything you want! Thanks! Click my name for access to my site.

  6. Hi, It’s me again, Do you know when your moshling plants have almost grown, if you wait, and the colo(u)r of the plant is wrong, will the moshling ACTUALLY come and snff? And if it does can you catch it? In other words, When the plant is finished but it’s the wrong colo(u)r, will the moshling come and sniff them, and if your quick enough, can you catch it? Sorry, I’m tring to get Peppy *71, and I have a RED Moon, a PINK moon, and I NEED a YELLOW Moon. So, sorry for being so complicating.

    and Willo the Katsuma

  7. hey fire!! on my website ( ) you r the monstar of the month and you prize is two gifts but i cant give them to u cuz you not my friend can u add me?? im mackenzie19991
    THX!!! and congrats!

  8. HI! My name on Moshi Monsters is Sbubbles1. Plzzzzz add me! I am a member 2. Also…… the code for Blingo isn’t working 😦 Can u plz help me!!!!

  9. Hi, I’m MALVOLIO2 you’ve got me on your friend tree… Do you know when you plant your Moshling seeds… Can you know what colour (<- You say COLOuR without the 'u') the plants are before they grow. Oh and one more thing your monster is amazing, I rated ALL your rooms 5* – after all they are! -Malvolio (<- My name is actually Matthew.)

  10. Hi, I just love your site! I write about Moshimonsters too and you are probably my best informational Moshimonster site! I was wondering if I could become an author? Please reply soon!

    From, Furycatcher22

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