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contact-us-let-us-know Do you have an issue, question, or comment about Moshi Monsters or Moshi Monsters Expressway? Then please contact us and let us know! We would really love to hear from you!

Ways you can contact the MME team: 

Please only contact us if your questions and comments etc are about Moshi Monsters and Moshi Monsters Expressway. Spamming will not be tolerated, neither will anything off topic. Replies are usually received within 48 hours, although please allow a seven day maximum.

UPDATE: Sorry for the long duration we take to reply. A huge bug was formed on the system, but we fixed it. All emails have been delivered and we will get to all very soon! Thanks -Fire

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We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

147 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. did you make this website from word press????!!!!! reply asap i really want to know if u made this moshi fan website from word press the blog website thing and i have another question what do u think is faster commetning down here like i’m doing right now and if it is then u should reply soon right but if it isn’t then uh oh i’m doomed because u aren’t gonna reply fast enough for me so let me get on with the question so is it faster to comment here or to send u an email thing at the top i sent u lots of emails i just want to know wich way is faster thats why i’m here typing a very long comment also i’m trying to be annoying lol lol lol hahahahehehehehehahahahahheheheheh i’m gonna keep doing this intell u reply so reply soon are else hehehehehehehehehehhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahh ya u gotta read all this are u won’t get 2 see everything i have to say muhahahah muhahahah

    • Hi Araya,

      -Yes, I have created this site Moshi Monsters Expressway with
      -If you have a account commenting is faster, and you can have your own picture!
      -Lastly, I appreciate your comments and such, but comments like yours are considered spamming, which is not allowed
      -We mostly don’t respond to comments, because we get hundreds in just a few weeks. So if you want a reply for sure, use our email contact form above.

      Thanks 🙂 Have an awesome day!

  2. Hey Fire!

    I’m free for being a staff member BTW. I hold a site on my own. I sent you a contact via the contacting page.

    Thanks! ;D
    PS. This isn’t my email.

  3. all me friends got deleted and know i cant talk to them and i live in ireland well i just moved here and i live in england and there are my bffs and i cant talk o them

  4. Hello moshi fans
    I would like to visit my site also is possible that the currents
    but it is not moshi soon I’ll be adding more content for you to use on moshi monsters.
    me gustaria que visites mi pagina tambien es posible que lo comentes
    pero no es de moshi pronto estare agregando más contenido para que lo utilices sobre moshi monsters . 🙂

  5. Hi I am new to Moshi world and stumbbled across your site looking for help on super missions but your link to this does not work!
    Please help
    ‘Click Here For Super Moshi Missions’

  6. hi my name in moshi monsters is francisco55543 please visit me because I”ll give a membership code and ten gifts to my 1000 visitor.
    and please rate my room!!!!!!!!

  7. Hiya! I know how to get Tingaling!!!! Since everybody don’t know
    I’ll tell you!! Ok, the only way to get Tingaling is on the 11 th
    Mission on Super Moshis hope it helps!! =)

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