Welcome to the Moshi Monsters Expressway ‘Cinema’ page! Here we have many great Moshi videos, music videos, and all sorts of cool Moshi videos! Enjoy!

Call Me Maybe (Music Video) by 2009Fire15

We Found Love (Music Video) by Emmazapril 

I Want Candy (Music Video) by Lolliepopsie

Lady Goo Goo Song (Music Video) by Moshi Monsters

Mr Snoodle Do the Doodle (Music Video) by Moshi Monsters

All I Want for Christmas 3 (Music Video) by 2009Fire15 

Harlem Shake (Music Video) by Moshlinginfo

Underground Disco Fun by 2009Fire15 

Moshi Monsters Dynamite (Music Video) by 2009Fire15 

More videos coming soon! Why not fill out the form below if you have a video you want up here! Here’s the rules:

  • No bad language or phrases!
  • Must be Moshi related!

Submit your video link in the comments, and we will review it!

Thanks for watching and enjoying!

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