Chill Zone


Welcome to the Moshi Monsters Expressway Chill Zone! Here you can just relax with our animals and animations. There’s a lot of cool fun stuff to do! And More to come! Check It Out!

MME Fishies:

MME Dog:

MME Cradle:

MME Hamster:

MME Penguins:

MME Frog:

Aren’t they so cool! Why not let us know your favourite by commenting below or why not give us some ideas on what we could put on this page? Why not check out our other MME pages and just chill! 

Stay Chilled!

16 thoughts on “Chill Zone

  1. This is so cool ! I like all of them, especially the dog and fishies. Spent way too much time interacting with all of them. I personally have never seen these online. Well, Got to go rate some rooms :p

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