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Moshi Mission – Lost in Hong Bong Mission is Back!

Lost In Hong Bong Moshi ClassicsHey guys,  today Moshi have released another Moshi Classics mission – Lost in Hong Bong. It’s been brought back for new players, but I am sure the older players have heard or even played it back when it was first released in January 2013! Anyways, Moshi is beginning to bring back the older one month lasting missions. They will only be back once in a while, so play them now while you can because we don’t think they’ll be back for a while! The only other re-released ‘Moshi Classics’ Mission is Freezy RiderUnfortunately, only Moshi Members can play this mission. 


In this mission, you will have to travel to Hong Bong island to help save Captain Buck!

The mission takes around 5 minutes to complete! I actually have made a video of the mission when it first came out, in January 2013, so take a look at it if you need help:

Mission Rewards: 500 XP and 200 Rox. (No Moshling).

Buck Mission Complete

Pretty awesome, huh? Have you played the mission already? What do you think – let us know down below in the comments!

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Mystery Gifts UPDATED!

Hey everyone! I got some great news for you today- The Mystery Gifts have been updated!! Finally, most gift glitches have been fixed! We could now see red and green gifts, along with the old purple one! I love the update, it seems so awesome!

RED MYSTERY GIFTS: Food Items for your Monster

Moshi Monsters Mystery Gift

How awesome is this? The buttons have also been updated:

Also, when you open the gifts, the background colour and style has been updated very slightly!

Remember, in Mystery Gifts you could receive: 
Rox: 5 Rox, 10 Rox, 20 Rox, 50 Rox
XP: 5 XP, 10 XP
Seeds: Yellow Star Blossoms, Black Snap Apples, Red Love Berries, Black Crazy Dasies, Any Magic Beans, Any Dragon Fruit, Any Silly Peppers
Food: ANY

What do you all think? I love the update! However, I am still experiencing a message that says: Moshi Monsters ErrorIt is so annoying! I have 6 pages of Mystery Gifts and can only open like one at a time! It always crashes with that error message, so I never really get to open them! Sorry to everyone sending, I still am not able to send back some! 😦 Who else is having these problems? I hope this gets fixed ASAP! Remember to report it to MM if you are issuing this. Do you guys like the new updates? What’s your favourite gift colour? Mine is red! 😛

Last few things, the “Are you sure you want to delete this message”  “Report” “Your message has been sent” buttons have been updated, AND Peekaboo Moshling has been added to the zoo, with an unknown combination!

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NEW: Moshi Party Palace Room, New Secret Codes + Much More Features!

WOW! A New room, and TONS of new features have been included in the big update on Moshi Monsters today! Keep reading for all the huge news!

Party Palace 1


Located at the bottom of the map, across from Candy Cane Caves, this new room is already a huge hit for Mosntro City! It’s a purple party palace for all the Moshi fun! Head over now!

Party Palace 2

Well, when you get there, you will have to choose a  room. There are many rooms to choose from. Each room has LIVE people that are actually playing and are in the room at the same time. It will also tell you if any friends are in a certain room! Oh, and there’s a button the the Marketplace as this is a dress up game!

In the room, you could CHAT! That’s right, for the very FIRST time ever on Moshi Monsters, there is a LIVE chat! It is amazing! It is all filtered for our safety. Just click the chat button at the bottom of the room! Here’s some images of chatting

So awesome! In the room, you not only can chat, but you can also play the Dress Up game! To play, you must be a Moshi Member! So what you do to play is click the purple PLAY button on the right in the room. This is a multiplayer game. When you click play, you have to wait for people to join. Then it will give you a theme or style to dress as! Then, when you are done, it is time to get judged! Everyone else in the room, is a live audience and will get to vote who has the best outfit for that theme/style! The winner will get rox and XP! So you can play, vote, and chat in this room! oh and move and walk around! It’s SOawesome and very unique! A first ever for Moshi Monsters!

New Moshi Pinboard Feature


There seems to be a lot of new features! The party palace has TONS of features, and now we have even more! First up, we now have this new button on the screen! It is really small, but has numbers on it! It represents the amount of unread messages you have on your pinboard! Oh yeah, and there’s new sounds when you click, send, accept, and view your pinboard messages!


Moshi button featureThis is quite awesome! The pinboard can be accessed when you click it! The button can also be click on most rooms on the map! so now you can see your pinboard from anywhere not only your home!! Also, ANOTHER feature regarding pinboards has been added! This one is ALSO very awesome! Take a look!

First, go to your pinboard, and click *Add Message. Then the normal message system will pop up, AND a new feature will be on it TOO! It says “Message a friend” “OR post to your own pinboard” This is SO awesome, and I LOVE IT! Remember how you always had to visit your friends room and wait for all the loading just to post to their pinboard? Well now you just click the “message your friend” button and it will take you to your friend tree! Then choose a friend, and he will be sent the message! 😀


  • Spooky Sticker Poster – TUNNEL
  • Golden Guitar – SAVEZACKBINSPIN
  • (Another) Golden Guitar – ZACKNEEDSYOU
  • (Even ANOTHER) Golden Guitar – SAVEZACK

Oh yeah, Betty’s seed combination has just been released! See it here:

Ok, now that’s wicked! Wow that was a long post! What do you all think? Isn’t party palace awesome? I think it’s my new favourite room! Who want’s meet up one day lol 😛 Tell MME what you think in the comments, and one of you might win a 1 day membership code!

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NEW: Moshi Mystery Gifts!


Moshi Mystery Gifts 1

Moshi Mystery Gifts 5

Hey everyone! This just in today! This is HUGE news! This is crazy! We have lots to say,so sit back and enjoy!

Moshi Monsters has released a new feature called Mystery Gifts, and has updated many of their features! Mystery Gifts are gifts that have a free item in it. The item could be up to 50 rox, 10 XP, or even a Moshling seed! Mystery Gifts can be sent and received to everyone. You also do not have to be a member to send gifts, or receive them! Gift Island is also open to everyone!

How awesome is that?

Moshi Mystery Gifts 2

There is also an updated, new button! Instead of the old orange gift button, Moshi has replaced it with a cool new purple one called “Gift Room”

Oh yeah, you could send Mystery Gifts to 10 different people a day, one each only!

Moshi Mystery Gifts 6

Your gift room will look like this! Tons of rox and XP! Moshling Seeds as gifts are rare, and are for members only. They appear very less! I have received many mystery gifts, (thanks to all the fans) and not one were a Moshling seed! If you are a non member and get a seed, it will ask you to re spin for another gift!

Moshi Mystery Gifts 3

You can also see that Moshi has updated Gift Island! Both stores are open to Members and Non Members. Video Gifts and Mystery Gifts stores have been open. The video gifts are also available to send and receive for everyone, except you must spend rox, as usual!

This I think is super amazing! Moshi Monsters, I come to a conclusion that this one of the best updates ever made! Now non members get to experience this awesomeness, AND We get free stuff from our friends, and can send it for free! I love this!

Oh yeah, one irrelevant update to this post, but Moshi has also added many new sound effects when you click your tree and stuff! Old sounds are the same but sound much more sharp!

What do you think of this? How many gifts are you getting? Comment I might send you a Mystery gift! Will send out gifts to random comments! Just put your Moshi username 😛 Thanks to all those who sent me Mystery Gifts! I will send one right back, If i haven’t reach my daily limit of 10!

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The Great Moshi Beanstalk – Lolly Landing – New Moshling Slurpy

Week 3 - Lolly Landing

Week 3 – Lolly Landing

Week 3- The Great Moshi Beanstalk! It’s Monday! You know what that means! BEANSTALK! 😀 The first part is open to all, and the second/third part are for Moshi Members only. In part 1, 2, and 3 you will receive 200p & 200 rox. At the end you also get Slurpy!




  1. Climb the beanstalk; keep climbing until your monster moves up to a certain part.
  2. Play part 1, follow hints for help – receive 200xp and 200 rox
  3. Play part 2, follow hints for help – receive 200xp and 200 rox
  4. Play part 3, follow hints for help – receive 200xp and 200 rox AND Slurpy moshling!

Video Guide of Lolly Landing, by Lukey140701 (MME)

Beanstalk guide here-

Happy Beanstalk Monday! 🙂

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The Great Moshi Beanstalk – The Grinchester – New Moshling Grinny

Week  2 - Grinchester

Week 2 – Grinchester

Hey everyone! The Grinchester was released earlier this week! Part 1 and 2 are open to everyone, but part three is open to members only! You get 600 XP and rox in total along with the Grinny moshling, if you play all three parts!


Grinny, Grinchester


  1. Climb the beanstalk; keep climbing until your monster moves up to a certain part.
  2. Play part 1, follow hints for help – receive 200xp and 200 rox
  3. Play part 2, follow hints for help – receive 200xp and 200 rox
  4. Play part 3, follow hints for help – receive 200xp and 200 rox AND Grinny moshling!

Video uploaded by Lukey140701 of MME

Beanstalk guide here-

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