Moshi Monsters Magazine App – COMING SOON!


Hey Guys, today we have an exclusive first look on the brand new MOSHI MAGAZINE APP!

Officials over at Moshi Monsters have confirmed a brand new app coming soon! Yep, you read the title! Moshi Magazine App! This is very exciting! Take a look at the tweet Moshi posted earlier today:

It is most likely to be an app where you can read and view the Moshi Monsters Magazine on your mobile device or tablet. This means that most likely, US/Canda Magazine Fans – where the magazine has been canceled, will be able to view the Magazine through a device.

We are unsure what Magazine you will be able to view, we suspect the UK international version. We are also unsure what issues you will be able to view, eg. Back issues.

Not much information on the app itself yet – however it will be coming soon! You most likely will have to pay, but probably a cheaper price, despite being unable to get the exclusive secret codes and free gifts.

What do you all think? From a website, to figures, to games, to videos, to albums, to music, to movies, and now to mobile devices! How exciting?! Let us know what you think, down below in the comments!

I have also just seen we have hit 16,000 comments and 2,400,000 views this week! Woo hoo! Oh yeah Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow American viewers! Enjoy your turkey! Finally, Happy Hanukkah Candle Lighting to those celebrating as well. 🙂

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Moshi Monsters – The Movie – The Great Moshling Egg

Moshi Movie

Official Logo for Moshi Movie


  • NAME: The Great Moshling Egg (Moshi Movie)
  • PREMIERING DATE: December 20 2013 in United Kingdom, February 20 2014 in Australia
  • DURATION: Unknown
  • GENRE: Action, Unknown
  • COUNTRIES: United Kingdom, Australia
  • CHARACTERS: All 6 Monsters, Moshlings, Buster Bumple Chops, Dr Strangeglove, Sweet Tooth, + MORE
  • PRODUCERS: Mind Candy, Universal Pics
  • TRAILER:  Continue reading