EXCLUSIVE: Splatter Information


Hey monsters!

I emailed Moshi Monsters Support asking them for any other possible way to get Splatter.

Here is the info they gave me…. Continue reading

How to get Wuzzle Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Wuzzle Moshi Monsters

WUZZLE #153 (Gurus; Rare)

  • NAME: Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple
  • SET: Gurus
  • NUMBER: 153
  • RARITY: Rare
  • COMBINATION: Subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine- Wuzzle Seed Unknown ; Plant it with any 2 other seeds. (Dustbin Beaver can no longer be caught with the Magazine)

To get Wuzzle, you must subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine. United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are only countries that can subscribe at this point. Unfortunately, Canada and the USA can no longer subscribe, due to commercial issues. If you subscribe to the Moshi Mag, there will be a code sent to your email. In that email, will be a secret ONE time use code for Wuzzle. Enter that code in the Secret Codes box, and a seed will be added to your account. Then, plant the seed with ANY 2 other seeds. Wait a few hours, and Wuzzle will be all yours!

Have you got Wuzzle? Do you want Wuzzle? Let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great day everyone! An update about Dustbin Beaver will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Mystery Gifts UPDATED!

Hey everyone! I got some great news for you today- The Mystery Gifts have been updated!! Finally, most gift glitches have been fixed! We could now see red and green gifts, along with the old purple one! I love the update, it seems so awesome!

RED MYSTERY GIFTS: Food Items for your Monster

Moshi Monsters Mystery Gift

How awesome is this? The buttons have also been updated:

Also, when you open the gifts, the background colour and style has been updated very slightly!

Remember, in Mystery Gifts you could receive: 
Rox: 5 Rox, 10 Rox, 20 Rox, 50 Rox
XP: 5 XP, 10 XP
Seeds: Yellow Star Blossoms, Black Snap Apples, Red Love Berries, Black Crazy Dasies, Any Magic Beans, Any Dragon Fruit, Any Silly Peppers
Food: ANY

What do you all think? I love the update! However, I am still experiencing a message that says: Moshi Monsters ErrorIt is so annoying! I have 6 pages of Mystery Gifts and can only open like one at a time! It always crashes with that error message, so I never really get to open them! Sorry to everyone sending, I still am not able to send back some! 😦 Who else is having these problems? I hope this gets fixed ASAP! Remember to report it to MM if you are issuing this. Do you guys like the new updates? What’s your favourite gift colour? Mine is red! 😛

Last few things, the “Are you sure you want to delete this message”  “Report” “Your message has been sent” buttons have been updated, AND Peekaboo Moshling has been added to the zoo, with an unknown combination!

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NEW: Moshi Mystery Gifts!


Moshi Mystery Gifts 1

Moshi Mystery Gifts 5

Hey everyone! This just in today! This is HUGE news! This is crazy! We have lots to say,so sit back and enjoy!

Moshi Monsters has released a new feature called Mystery Gifts, and has updated many of their features! Mystery Gifts are gifts that have a free item in it. The item could be up to 50 rox, 10 XP, or even a Moshling seed! Mystery Gifts can be sent and received to everyone. You also do not have to be a member to send gifts, or receive them! Gift Island is also open to everyone!

How awesome is that?

Moshi Mystery Gifts 2

There is also an updated, new button! Instead of the old orange gift button, Moshi has replaced it with a cool new purple one called “Gift Room”

Oh yeah, you could send Mystery Gifts to 10 different people a day, one each only!

Moshi Mystery Gifts 6

Your gift room will look like this! Tons of rox and XP! Moshling Seeds as gifts are rare, and are for members only. They appear very less! I have received many mystery gifts, (thanks to all the fans) and not one were a Moshling seed! If you are a non member and get a seed, it will ask you to re spin for another gift!

Moshi Mystery Gifts 3

You can also see that Moshi has updated Gift Island! Both stores are open to Members and Non Members. Video Gifts and Mystery Gifts stores have been open. The video gifts are also available to send and receive for everyone, except you must spend rox, as usual!

This I think is super amazing! Moshi Monsters, I come to a conclusion that this one of the best updates ever made! Now non members get to experience this awesomeness, AND We get free stuff from our friends, and can send it for free! I love this!

Oh yeah, one irrelevant update to this post, but Moshi has also added many new sound effects when you click your tree and stuff! Old sounds are the same but sound much more sharp!

What do you think of this? How many gifts are you getting? Comment I might send you a Mystery gift! Will send out gifts to random comments! Just put your Moshi username 😛 Thanks to all those who sent me Mystery Gifts! I will send one right back, If i haven’t reach my daily limit of 10!

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How to get Prickles Moshling on Moshi Monsters



Hey Everyone, Prickles is the summer of Moshlings, Moshling for week three.  This week we will get a seed code for Prickles. If you don’t know who Prickles is, he’s a new Moshling, to the right you can see an image of him.

Below is Prickles Seed Combination:


Prickles (068; Potties; Rare)

  • NAME: Prickles
  • SET: Potties
  • NUMBER: 068
  • RARITY: Rare


  • Red Hot Silly Peppers
  • Red Snap Apple
  • Any Crazy Daisy

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-Rosscp 😉

How to get Twaddle Moshling on Moshi Monsters


TWADDLE #107 (Yuckies; Common)

  • NAME: Twaddle
  • SET: Yuckies
  • NUMBER: 107
  • RARITY: Common
  • COMBINATION: Any Love Berry, Any Love Berry, Any Crazy Daisy


Complete week one (The Great Moshi Beanstalk – Twaddleton) to get him, or plant his seed combinations of Any 2 love berries and any crazy daisy!

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