5 New Codes for Robot Moshling Statues and 150 Rox!

new-codesHey everyone, today I have some brand new codes for awesome Robot Moshling Statues and 150 Rox! We’re one of the first on the web to share these brand new codes.

Robot Cherry Bomb Statue – ROBOCHERRY
Robot Peppy Statue – ROBOPEPPY
Robot Pocito Statue – ROBOPOCO
Robot Pooky Statue – ROBOPOOKY
150 Rox – 36POPFLAKES


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We hope you like these brand new codes for Robot Moshling Statues and 150 Rox! That’s all for today, guys! These codes were released in the new Moshi Magazine, released to subscribers today! Stay tuned to MME, as we’ll be bringing you more exclusive secret codes and Moshi Monsters News when it’s released!


FIFTY New Moshi Monsters Secret Codes!!!!! MUST SEE!


Hey guys! Today I have fifty new codes for you to use!  They ALL WORK. Enjoy everyone!! 😀

Twistmas Door: TWISTDOOR1
Storm Cloud: STORMY
Twistmas Window: TWISTWINDOW1
Scary Eyes: WOOEYES
1st Edition Framed Moshi Mag: MAGNO1
Rainbow Window: RAINBOW2
Sports Clock: SPORTSTIME
Black Hole: 1BLACKHOLE
Aquarium: 10FISHIES
Lavaflow Floor: HOTHOTHOT
Frug: FRUG1
Pilgrim Hat: PILGRIM5
Rainbow Shades: RAINBOW3
Monster Truck: MONSTERT
Giant Gummy Bear: GUMMIE5
Catherine Wheel: WHEEL5
Blobert: BLOBERT5
Chemistry Set: 1BIGBOOM
Magic Rabbit Hat: BUNNYBOO
Magic Spell Book: MAGICSPELL
Balloon Launcher: BIGBALLOONS
Confetti Rocket: CONFETTI2
Penny Farthing: PENNY5
Confetti Cannon: CONFETTI1
Twistmas Robin: ROBINRED1
Beany Blobs – Bonkers: BLOBBY1
Iggy Lantern Lite: IGGYLITE
Super Slimer: SLIMER5
Fossil: FOSSIL1
Twistmas Toy Soldier:TOYSOLDIER1
Squishy Stool: OOHSQUISHY
Candy Floss Machine: FLOSSMAC1
Eye Phone: EYEPHON3
Jack in the Box: SURPRISE1
Mr Juggles: JUGGLES
Hamsterball: HAMSTERBALL
Twistmas Candycane 2012: CANDYCANE3
Feathered Hat: FEATHERHAT
Green Shades: GREEN5
Glump Wallpaper: GLUMP5
Super Moshi Secret Poster: SUPERMOSHI1
Twistmas Wreath: TWISTWREATH
Chip the Scare Bear: CHIPBEAR
Flame Curtains: FLAME5
Rainbow Maker: RAINBOW1
Octopus Table: TENTACLES
Twistmas Stocking: STOCKING5
Sparkler: SPARKIE5
Turbo Top: TURBOTOP1
That was a lot of codes, wasn’t it!!! 😀


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Have you used all the codes? Enjoy them all guys! 50 Brand new codes fresh from the Moshi Monsters Magazine! Some of these items were previously really exclusive and rare, so now you can get them, these will be added to the MME Codes page! Hope you all enjoyed! 

Stay tuned to MME, as we bring you the latest secret codes (Especially when there is 50 brand new ones), and all the latest Moshi Monsters news!


Goodbye, Dustbin Beaver Moshling

Dustbin Beaver

DUSTBIN #104 (Secrets; Ultra Rare)

  • NAME: Dustbin Beaver the Moptop Tweenybop the Moptop Tweenybop
  • SET: Secrets
  • NUMBER: 104
  • RARITY: Ultra Rare

To get Dustbin Beaver, you would have had to buy at least a 6 month subscription to the Moshi Monsters Magazine. However, as of November 21, 2013, Dustbin Beaver being a reward for subscribing to the mag has been replaced by a new moshling in the Gurus set, named Wuzzle. At this particular time, Dustbin cannot be attained at all, by anyway. Therefore, he is an extremely ultra rare Moshling. However, the only possible way to get Dustbin Beaver now is if you have a code for Dustin Beaver from the Mag that you haven’t used yet. Overall, no one can get him anymore. If a new combination is released, we will let you know here on MME. Unfortunately, you cannot get Dustbin Beaver for the time being. Sorry guys! I will speak to Moshi Monsters about this, and will provide you all an update shortly. For now, Goodbye and farewell Dustbin Beaver. We hope to see you back soon! 😦

Personally I think this is unfair and weird? At least I have got Dustbin. Have you got Dustbin from the past? Still haven’t got him yet? Let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great day everyone!

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How to get Wuzzle Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Wuzzle Moshi Monsters

WUZZLE #153 (Gurus; Rare)

  • NAME: Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple
  • SET: Gurus
  • NUMBER: 153
  • RARITY: Rare
  • COMBINATION: Subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine- Wuzzle Seed Unknown ; Plant it with any 2 other seeds. (Dustbin Beaver can no longer be caught with the Magazine)

To get Wuzzle, you must subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine. United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are only countries that can subscribe at this point. Unfortunately, Canada and the USA can no longer subscribe, due to commercial issues. If you subscribe to the Moshi Mag, there will be a code sent to your email. In that email, will be a secret ONE time use code for Wuzzle. Enter that code in the Secret Codes box, and a seed will be added to your account. Then, plant the seed with ANY 2 other seeds. Wait a few hours, and Wuzzle will be all yours!

Have you got Wuzzle? Do you want Wuzzle? Let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great day everyone! An update about Dustbin Beaver will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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TEN New Moshi Monsters Secret Codes


Hey guys! Today I have eight new codes  for you to use! This is an MME exclusive, as it is a Moshi first on the web! 😛 Enjoy 🙂 They ALL WORK. Enter at secret codes page- Codes in black:

Pumpkin Vase: PUMPKIN5VASE
Trick or Treat Bag: BAGOFTRICKS3
Creepy Chest: CREEPY9CHEST
Scarycrow: 2SCARYCROWS
Glump Pinata: BROKENGLUMP4
Ghost Train Set: ALLABOARD8
Unicorn Piñata: UNICANDY7
Apple Bobbing Kit: 10BOBBEDAPPLES
Credit To ANDY06AU for Providing Codes
Credit To Nannyone for Providing Codes

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Have you used all the codes? Personally I think that Moshi should have released these codes earlier as they go well with Halloween. They’re cool though! Enjoy 🙂

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Moshi Monsters Secret Code for 1000 Roxnew-codes-alert






This is HUGE! You are all very welcome! Since MME has found this and is first, please be sure to give us credit. Also special thanks to our fans for all the support! Enjoy your 1000 free rox! Did you use it? Comment!

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Moshi VS Ghosts


Goosebump Manor Moshi Monsters

Hey Everyone! Moshi vs Ghosts has been released! Five New Moshlings have been released in the zoo! First I will show you the new Moshlings then I will give you guides for Moshi vs Ghosts, as it is divided into four different parts. The mission can be completed at the Goosebump Manor on the Moshi Map.


credit to the moshi monsters wiki for providing 4 images above. TEMPORARY source

  1. Glob
  2. Marsha
  3. Randall
  4. Jibbly
  5. Hoolio

PART 1 – Things That Go Bump In The Night

There are 4 sections to complete in part 1 (Things That Go Bump in the Night)


  • Section 1- Find all four paintings (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 2- Find all three planets (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 3- Turn off the four power outlets Glob is trapped in (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 4- Members Only, Collect New Moshling GLOB + (100 XP, 100 Rox)

Part 2 –  The Moshling From the Black Lagoon

Part 3 – Full Moon Moshling

Part 4 – Coming SOON

You must get 10,000 Gloop in Moshis vs Ghosts!

This is actually somewhat similar to The Great Moshi Beanstalk earlier in the year! There is lots of complete! This mission is very different from all the others we’ve had! The rest of the video guides will be up soon!

Well, what do you guys think? Have you completed some yet? Which new moshling is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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New Moshling Set Coming Soon- SCREAMIES!

Hi everyone! I have some awesome news for you all! Remember on the Daily Growl how there was a mini poll about a new set? Well MME has the correct answer! Yes, there will be a new set, and it will be called…


Screamies Logo Moshi Monsters Moshling Set

The new Moshi Monsters Moshling Set is Screamies!

I confirm it to you, as I have found two exclusive files from Moshi Monsters! Here is how the Screamies will look like in your zoo:

Screamies in your zoo when set incomplete:

Moshi Monsters Screamies Moshling Set Empty

Screamies in your zoo when set complete:

Moshi Monsters Screamies Moshling Set Full

How awesome? So exciting! I wonder which new Moshlings will be in this set! Any predictions? Do you like the new set? Tell us in the comments!

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Click here to see all the New Moshlings coming soon!

TWELVE New Moshi Monsters Secret Codes!


Katsuma Unleashed Poster: UNLEASHTHEKAT

Peppy Robot Moshling: ELGGZRB8

Pooky Robot Moshling: F6YLVCA5

Blurp Robot Moshling: YCSHX9HT

Ecto Robot Moshling: YGQ3YU8A

CocoLoco Robot Moshling: XCVL6ZRW

Chop Chop Robot Moshling: WHAZFTU2

DJ Quack Robot Moshling: SAYQXBCP

Rocky Robot Moshling: TB8URCH9

Katsuma Plush: KATSPLUSH


Wibble Wobble Food: WIBBLEWOBBLE (Expires Oct 25 2013)

Special Thanks To Sweet-Pea, Mariojoe, And All Our Fans!

Yup, you’re welcome! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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VIDEO: Every Single Rox Code to Date! (13,000+ Rox)


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good day! You’re in for a treat! I managed to find some time and make a video with ALL the working rox codes from 2008-2013! There are over rox codes to use, and it will give you over 13,000 Rox! Take a look! This took a while to make and work on in all, so I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment, subscribe my YouTube, or like it 😛 Anyways, enjoy! Every single code works. If it doesn’t work for you it’s because you have already used it. Anyways here you go:


2009Fire15’s YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Moshi2009Fire15
MME’s YouTube

Have you tried some of the codes, or all? Do they work?! Already used them? If you have anything you’d like to say, comment 😛 Lol

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