Moshi VS Ghosts


Goosebump Manor Moshi Monsters

Hey Everyone! Moshi vs Ghosts has been released! Five New Moshlings have been released in the zoo! First I will show you the new Moshlings then I will give you guides for Moshi vs Ghosts, as it is divided into four different parts. The mission can be completed at the Goosebump Manor on the Moshi Map.


credit to the moshi monsters wiki for providing 4 images above. TEMPORARY source

  1. Glob
  2. Marsha
  3. Randall
  4. Jibbly
  5. Hoolio

PART 1 – Things That Go Bump In The Night

There are 4 sections to complete in part 1 (Things That Go Bump in the Night)

  • Section 1- Find all four paintings (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 2- Find all three planets (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 3- Turn off the four power outlets Glob is trapped in (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 4- Members Only, Collect New Moshling GLOB + (100 XP, 100 Rox)

Part 2 –  The Moshling From the Black Lagoon

Part 3 – Full Moon Moshling

Part 4 – Coming SOON

You must get 10,000 Gloop in Moshis vs Ghosts!

This is actually somewhat similar to The Great Moshi Beanstalk earlier in the year! There is lots of complete! This mission is very different from all the others we’ve had! The rest of the video guides will be up soon!

Well, what do you guys think? Have you completed some yet? Which new moshling is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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How to get Ziggy Moshling on Moshi Monsters




ZIGGY #026 (Roxstars; Uncommon)

  • NAME: Ziggy Quirky Koala
  • SET: Roxstars
  • NUMBER: #026
  • RARITY: Uncommon
  • COMBINATION: Any Dragon, Any Dragon, Black Crazy Daisy

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New Moshling Sets, New Moshlings Confirmed, and New Moshlings Animation!


SEVEN new Moshling sets have been confirmed to be added soon in Moshi Monsters! Below is a list of the new sets and the new moshlings confirmed in the set. The set name is in bold, and the moshlings are beside it.

  1. Gurus – Hocus
  2. Toomies – King Toot, Carter
  3. Woodies – Peekaboo
  4. Salties – Linton
  5. Nik Naks – Topsy Turvy
  6. Movies – Fitch, Jackson, Marty
  7. Techies 2.0 – Cosmo, Micro Dave

There are also many other new moshlings coming soon such as Prof Heff will be in the Brainies, Zonkers in Wheelies, Ziggy in Roxstars, Nutmeg in Nutties, Hissy in Hipsters, Shoney in Naughties, Pipsi OR Dribbles in Sporties, and we have some new moshlings with unknown sets like Tumbles, Jiggy, and Jiggles. Also, Toomies have been approved! For now we only have this information. If anyone, or you have any more info, please comment and let us know on this post or the New Moshlings page. Thanks 🙂 Also, a special thanks to KANE for commenting on the New Moshlings page the other day for sharing some of the information. Other shout outs to the MME fans telling us as well!


Right now, we have many new moshlings that are coming to Moshi Monsters. Only 11 have been completely approved and confirmed. Others are still under way and will be here soon! They are: Hocus, King Toot, Carter, Peekaboo, Linton, Topsy Turvy, Fitch, Jackson, Marty, Cosmo, and Micro Dave. We will have more updates soon. Please comment if you know any new information. You may get credit. 🙂


2009Fire15 has put together a couple Moshling Animations for two new moshlings; Carter & Ziggy. A new page called “New Moshling Animations” will be up on MME soon! For now, enjoy these two of two new moshlings, coming soon!

Carter Moshling

Ziggy Moshling

Don’t forget to check out the MME channel for more cool videos:

You could also see the images and information to ALL the new moshlings coming to monstro city at our New Moshlings page!

What do you all think? Comment!

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Moshi Monsters – Moptop Mischief – Super Moshi Mission #6 Season 3 – Zack Binspin – GUIDES


Mission 6 of Season 3 – Moptop Mischief

First he starred in his huge hit song “My Hair’s too long”, he appeared in the magazine several times, he appears in our moshling zoo, and now he appears in the new mission Moptop Mischief Super Moshi Mission #6 of Season 3! He is Zack Binspin! That’s right! In this mission, you get Zack Binspin!

Here are video guides made by 2009Fire15, on how to complete all three parts successfully, including epics!


PART 3 (Zack Binspin Moshling) *Members Only*

[insert url] coming in a few minutes

Special thanks to brandon

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PART 1(200 XP) *Open to all*

  1. Talk to Elder Furi
  2. Check out VIP area
  3. Epic on the very right of screen, in the bathroom.
  4. Talk to shop keepers
  5. Play instruments in order
  6. Talk to the bear (Cap Buck)
  7. Give him the Zack Binspin picture for his bear costume
  8. Put costume on your monster
  9. Go to VIP area
  10. Collect reward

PART 2 (200 ROX) *Members Only*

Special Thanks to Htheman1


Congrats! All guides are courtesy of Moshi Monsters Expressway, 2009Fire15! Have you completed part one? I have! Just an opinion, it’s quite disappointing that the first part is for members. I mean I had to get a membership just for one part! Anyways, what do you all think? Comment! 🙂

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Save Zack Binspin – September 2nd!

Hey everyone! I got some big news, a new mission will be released really soon, and Zack Binspin stars in it! Our goal is to save him, as he is in danger! Check out this image spotted on the Daily Growl!

Zack Binspin Starts September 2

So this starts on September 2nd on Monday! I am pretty sure this mission will be called Moptop Mischeif! The reward in the mission will be Zack Binspin! Stay tuned as his combination comes along, and it will be posted here on MME! What do you all think? After two years of being spotted and releasing his hit single My Hairs Too Long, we finally could get Zack Binspin! Woooo! Check out his animation below!

Speaking of Zack, he will also be added to the Roxstars as #107 and Ultra Rare!

Stay tracked with Zack Binspin here with our original post ‘How to get Zack Binspin Moshling on Moshi Monsters

How exciting! I cannot wait! We will continue to update you all here at the Expressway! 😀

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