Happy October!

October 2013

My Room And Howie In His Halloween Spirit House October 2010 3

Hey there MME viewers! It’s finally October! You know what the means! Haunted houses, ghosts, candy, spooky music, costumes… HALLOWEEN! This month is extremely awesome and is really fun! I can tell you that this month, is going to be Hallo-Tastic! šŸ˜› Anyways, to kick of the month as usual, we have 3 featured viewers/fans! Fan, Room, and Blog of the Month! Before I announce those winners, I just wanted to say we had an amazing last month, September! We had almost 70,000 views and got tons of awesome fansĀ communicatingĀ with us!

MME has also launched it’s awesome new makeover and theme! Our sidebar has been moved to the right, and our header, background, text, comments, ratings, polls have all been Halloween-ified! Everything is here for October! We even got some Dr Strangeglove music playing in the background! šŸ˜‰

To celebrateĀ Halloween, I also decorated my own room! Check it out at:Ā http://MoshiMe.com/2009fire15Ā or even see it below:

Moshi Monsters Halloween 2009Fire15

Now, for theĀ honorableĀ mentions!

Fan of the Month

Fifi2472 Room of the Month



Blog of the Month
Mehak’s Moshi Site

Mehaks Moshi Site

Congratulations to all! Click their names to visit their rooms/site! šŸ˜› You can visit these pages above the header, in the October subheading! Read all the info and stuff šŸ™‚Ā 

Now, here are some awesome Halloween rooms submitted to MME! These are actually runner ups/honorableĀ mentions from the Room of the Month competition here on MME. If you want to see yours here, submit it to us! Anyways check out some amazing rooms:

Awesome! I hope you guys are enjoying everything around here! I have a surprise for you guys…! A Halloween contest for membership and more! I’ll have all the details in a week or so! Stay tuned šŸ™‚

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to congratulate the winners in the comments! Did you see your room up there? Like the MME theme? COMMENT!

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Enter for MME HALLOWEEN Room of the Month! (October)

My Room And Howie In His Halloween Spirit House October 2010 3

Hey guys! October is near, and that means Halloween is too! Here at MME we will be having a contest, party, exclusives, and even a special Halloween Room of the Month for October! Just decorate your room HALLOWEEN style or anything spooky, and comment on the “Room of the Month” page with your monster’s name, and we will take a look at it! šŸ˜€ That’s all!

Comment on the Room of month page:Ā https://moshimonsters2009fire15.wordpress.com/room-of-the-month/

Will you be entering? I hope you all do! Ask your friends to do so too! We will be giving prizes :O

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