Shoney Moshling – Combination REVEALED!


Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity in my posts! Been really busy! Anyways, I was on Twitter today and found the combination for Shoney! Furthermore, this combination was released in the Moshi Mag, which just came out a few hours ago in the United Kingdom.

This combination does not work yet, as Shoney isn’t released. However when Shoney is released (soon) this is the combination/seeds you will have to plant:

Shoney Combo

                                      Red Silly, Red Moon, Black Moon
                                  Shoney- #019, Naughties, Amazin Blazin’ Raisin’, Ultra Rare

                                 MME – FIRST ON THE WEB TO POST THIS! (2009Fire15)

Again, don’t get too excited and start planting- this is just a leaked combination that I found. When Shoney is released, these are the flowers/seeds you will need to obtain him! (Video animation of Shoney, coming soon on MME)

Shoney looks AWESOME! In fact I think he should officially be my new logo! Coincidence eh? Hes on FIRE- and my names Fire! haha. What do you think? Which Moshling do you think best represents you? Comment! Best one gets a one time use code!

Stay tuned- Once we know it, we will show it- Only on MME!

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New Moshling Sets, New Moshlings Confirmed, and New Moshlings Animation!


SEVEN new Moshling sets have been confirmed to be added soon in Moshi Monsters! Below is a list of the new sets and the new moshlings confirmed in the set. The set name is in bold, and the moshlings are beside it.

  1. Gurus – Hocus
  2. Toomies – King Toot, Carter
  3. Woodies – Peekaboo
  4. Salties – Linton
  5. Nik Naks – Topsy Turvy
  6. Movies – Fitch, Jackson, Marty
  7. Techies 2.0 – Cosmo, Micro Dave

There are also many other new moshlings coming soon such as Prof Heff will be in the Brainies, Zonkers in Wheelies, Ziggy in Roxstars, Nutmeg in Nutties, Hissy in Hipsters, Shoney in Naughties, Pipsi OR Dribbles in Sporties, and we have some new moshlings with unknown sets like Tumbles, Jiggy, and Jiggles. Also, Toomies have been approved! For now we only have this information. If anyone, or you have any more info, please comment and let us know on this post or the New Moshlings page. Thanks 🙂 Also, a special thanks to KANE for commenting on the New Moshlings page the other day for sharing some of the information. Other shout outs to the MME fans telling us as well!


Right now, we have many new moshlings that are coming to Moshi Monsters. Only 11 have been completely approved and confirmed. Others are still under way and will be here soon! They are: Hocus, King Toot, Carter, Peekaboo, Linton, Topsy Turvy, Fitch, Jackson, Marty, Cosmo, and Micro Dave. We will have more updates soon. Please comment if you know any new information. You may get credit. 🙂


2009Fire15 has put together a couple Moshling Animations for two new moshlings; Carter & Ziggy. A new page called “New Moshling Animations” will be up on MME soon! For now, enjoy these two of two new moshlings, coming soon!

Carter Moshling

Ziggy Moshling

Don’t forget to check out the MME channel for more cool videos:

You could also see the images and information to ALL the new moshlings coming to monstro city at our New Moshlings page!

What do you all think? Comment!

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The Great Moshi Beanstalk – Part 4 – Cloud Kingdom + Weeny Moshling!

The Great Moshi Beanstalk Cloud Kingdom

Whats up the Beanstalk? Week 4- The Great Moshi Beanstalk! It’s Monday! You know what that means! BEANSTALK! 😀 The first/second/third part are for Moshi Members only. Sorry non members! In part 1, 2, and 3 you will receive 100p & 100 rox. At the end you also get Weeny!



  1. Climb the beanstalk; keep climbing until your monster moves up to a certain part.
  2. Play part 1, follow hints for help – receive 100xp and 100 rox
  3. Play part 2, follow hints for help – receive 100xp and 100 rox
  4. Play part 3, follow hints for help – receive 100xp and 100 rox AND Weeny moshling!

Video Guide of Cloud Kingdom, by Lukey140701 (MME)


As you play this, at the end moshlings march out with confetti as the Beanstalk is complete! No more danger at this time! Monstro City is saved! Also, the new Puffin Moshling, Giggles is spotted! Check it out!


Anyways, what do you guys think? Now the Beanstalk Summer mission is complete. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to play it soon. There also won’t be any more parts! 😦 I loved the Beanstalk because of all the XP and Rox, and moshlings! So awesome! Thanks Moshi Monsters!

Have you completed the Beanstalk? Got all four moshlings? Did you know in total we have got 1300 XP and Rox in the beanstalk, including 4 moshlings?! That’s crazy!

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IMAGES: Four New Moshlings (Animations)



Hi everyone I have four cool animations of the new moshlings, from

 Twaddle #157 Yuckies (Any Berry, Any Berry, Any Daisy)twaddlegif[1]

 Weeny #134 Naughtiesweenygif[1]

 Grinny #142 Smiliesgrinnygif[1]

Slurpy #143 Yuckies slurpygif[1]

What do you think? Aren’t their animations AWESOME? :p Let us know in the comments!

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