Series 9 Moshling Figures Image- FAKE!!

Once we know it, we will show it! But wait? Why didn’t we show the series 9 image? Well recently, our ‘friends’ over at the Moshi Max blog created a fake graphic of the supposed series 9 Moshling Figures. The fact the image looked quite legitimate, several other Moshi sites, youtubers, and viewers were fooled and thought the image was real. So they then shared it with their friends and viewers, spreading the fake image made by Brandon, owner of Moshi Max website. The series 9 image you’ve been seeing and hearing about recently,  is FAKE AND NOT REAL.

Here is the image from Moshi Max, leaked onto some other blogs: 


Featured Image



Looks quite real? Well nice try Moshi Max. You haven’t fooled us. I know this image is fake, because I looked all over the internet for the past few weeks for the real image. I didn’t find it at all. I even emailed Vivid toys, who said that there is no image. I also spoke to the owner of the blog, Brandon. He admitted on chat that the image is fake, and he made it himself. I knew it was fake from before, that’s why I didn’t post it on MME. So I wouldn’t recommend relying on websites like this that lie and fool you.

I am quite disappointed that such a new blog I supported from the start, tricked and fooled their fans. Not cool at all. A tip for other blogs that posted the image: Don’t believe everything you see on the web! Always try and get confirmation about it first! That’s why here at MME, everything we post is real, and confirmed! Once we know, we will show it; Only at MME! We would NEVER fool or lie to you. We are here to help and don’t have that type of time to waste.

Overall, the image is FAKE. We will provide a real image, once it is released.

We aren’t here to put Moshi Max down. It is just as amazing as MME, but we are quite shocked they could do such. However, it is my duty as the owner of MME, to inform our viewers that this image isn’t real. We will do our best to keep you up to date, with real information/graphics; Once we know it, we will show it! Any thoughts? Comment.

Special Thanks goes out to the ‘MoshiMonstersShow’, on YouTube for helping to help spread out the message that the image is actually fake. Thanks for posting this and giving credit to MME. It let’s people know that this is not real, stops confusion. I am very sad that the image was fake 😦 . Trust MME to let you know when we have a real, confirmed image of Series 9! -Rosscp

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Moshi VS Ghosts


Goosebump Manor Moshi Monsters

Hey Everyone! Moshi vs Ghosts has been released! Five New Moshlings have been released in the zoo! First I will show you the new Moshlings then I will give you guides for Moshi vs Ghosts, as it is divided into four different parts. The mission can be completed at the Goosebump Manor on the Moshi Map.


credit to the moshi monsters wiki for providing 4 images above. TEMPORARY source

  1. Glob
  2. Marsha
  3. Randall
  4. Jibbly
  5. Hoolio

PART 1 – Things That Go Bump In The Night

There are 4 sections to complete in part 1 (Things That Go Bump in the Night)

  • Section 1- Find all four paintings (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 2- Find all three planets (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 3- Turn off the four power outlets Glob is trapped in (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 4- Members Only, Collect New Moshling GLOB + (100 XP, 100 Rox)

Part 2 –  The Moshling From the Black Lagoon

Part 3 – Full Moon Moshling

Part 4 – Coming SOON

You must get 10,000 Gloop in Moshis vs Ghosts!

This is actually somewhat similar to The Great Moshi Beanstalk earlier in the year! There is lots of complete! This mission is very different from all the others we’ve had! The rest of the video guides will be up soon!

Well, what do you guys think? Have you completed some yet? Which new moshling is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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