Moshi Movie Mystery Missions – Gombala Gombala Jungle – Video GUIDES

movie-mystery-2PART 3 (Jackson)

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Moshi Mission – Lost in Hong Bong Mission is Back!

Lost In Hong Bong Moshi ClassicsHey guys,  today Moshi have released another Moshi Classics mission – Lost in Hong Bong. It’s been brought back for new players, but I am sure the older players have heard or even played it back when it was first released in January 2013! Anyways, Moshi is beginning to bring back the older one month lasting missions. They will only be back once in a while, so play them now while you can because we don’t think they’ll be back for a while! The only other re-released ‘Moshi Classics’ Mission is Freezy RiderUnfortunately, only Moshi Members can play this mission. 


In this mission, you will have to travel to Hong Bong island to help save Captain Buck!

The mission takes around 5 minutes to complete! I actually have made a video of the mission when it first came out, in January 2013, so take a look at it if you need help:

Mission Rewards: 500 XP and 200 Rox. (No Moshling).

Buck Mission Complete

Pretty awesome, huh? Have you played the mission already? What do you think – let us know down below in the comments!

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Introducing… The MME Awards!



It’s Official! The MME Awards are coming to Moshi Monsters!

What are the MME Awards?
Hosted by originally by 2009Fire15 on his Pandanda Fire blog, with 2 very successful 2 award events, MME is proud to present with your hosts 2009Fire15 & Rosscp- The MME Awards! (Moshi Monsters Expressway Awards) They are awards that showcase the #1 monster in a certain category. During a specific period of time, viewers/fans of MME will have to vote for their top monsters in a certain poll/category. Voting will take place on the MME Awards page At the end, there will be a huge finale showdown and a grand winner!

When are the MME Awards?
Voting will open on: Friday, November 15, 2013
Voting will close on: Friday, December 20, 2013
The Awards Show will take place on: Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why are we doing the awards?
MME is doing the MME Awards for fun and to recognize those who have worked hard and are truly amazing on Moshi Monsters.

What are the categories for the MME Awards?
There will be 20 categories as follows:
1. Most Active Monster 
2. Funniest Monster Owner
3. Kindest Monster
4. Most Creative Room Designer
5. Most Dedicated Moshi Fan
6. Best Moshling Collector 
7. Helpful Monster 
8. Fastest Level-Upper
9. Most Popular Monster 
10. Best Daily Visitor
11. Best Moshi Staff Member
12. Favourite Moshi Country
13. Most Grateful Monster 
14. Most Generous Monster
15. Most Stylish Monster
16. Your Top News Source
17. Most Dedicated Moshi Blog Owner
18. Biggest MME Fan
19. Best Moshi Reviewer
20. Best Moshi YouTuber

WOW! Isn’t this exciting? We are working on nominees right now! A nominee is a person who fits into a category and cant be voted for! If you fit best in a category, please comment and you MIGHT be added into the awards polls! 😀 Remember to check back on November 15th as MME will get a huge make over and the awards event will begin! This is going to be HUGE! We hopefully will have the Moshi Monsters/Mind Candy team involved too!!

We are also looking for some sponsors! A sponsor can be a website, YouTuber, or anyone who can advertise for us! You will get credit at the awards too! 🙂 We are looking for helpers too! If you are interested, please contact us! The awards will take place here on MME at a chat, and a YouTube video of the winners will be posted too! Stay tuned, as more information will be coming the following weeks! We will have tons of more videos, updates, news, banners, and more! We also have an official MME Awards site which will be up soon!

Check out the official MME Awards Page:


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Moshi VS Ghosts


Goosebump Manor Moshi Monsters

Hey Everyone! Moshi vs Ghosts has been released! Five New Moshlings have been released in the zoo! First I will show you the new Moshlings then I will give you guides for Moshi vs Ghosts, as it is divided into four different parts. The mission can be completed at the Goosebump Manor on the Moshi Map.


credit to the moshi monsters wiki for providing 4 images above. TEMPORARY source

  1. Glob
  2. Marsha
  3. Randall
  4. Jibbly
  5. Hoolio

PART 1 – Things That Go Bump In The Night

There are 4 sections to complete in part 1 (Things That Go Bump in the Night)

  • Section 1- Find all four paintings (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 2- Find all three planets (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 3- Turn off the four power outlets Glob is trapped in (100 XP, 100 Rox)
  • Section 4- Members Only, Collect New Moshling GLOB + (100 XP, 100 Rox)

Part 2 –  The Moshling From the Black Lagoon

Part 3 – Full Moon Moshling

Part 4 – Coming SOON

You must get 10,000 Gloop in Moshis vs Ghosts!

This is actually somewhat similar to The Great Moshi Beanstalk earlier in the year! There is lots of complete! This mission is very different from all the others we’ve had! The rest of the video guides will be up soon!

Well, what do you guys think? Have you completed some yet? Which new moshling is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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TWELVE New Moshi Monsters Secret Codes!


Katsuma Unleashed Poster: UNLEASHTHEKAT

Peppy Robot Moshling: ELGGZRB8

Pooky Robot Moshling: F6YLVCA5

Blurp Robot Moshling: YCSHX9HT

Ecto Robot Moshling: YGQ3YU8A

CocoLoco Robot Moshling: XCVL6ZRW

Chop Chop Robot Moshling: WHAZFTU2

DJ Quack Robot Moshling: SAYQXBCP

Rocky Robot Moshling: TB8URCH9

Katsuma Plush: KATSPLUSH


Wibble Wobble Food: WIBBLEWOBBLE (Expires Oct 25 2013)

Special Thanks To Sweet-Pea, Mariojoe, And All Our Fans!

Yup, you’re welcome! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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Want over 300 secret codes? Click here!

How to get Peekaboo Moshling on Moshi Monsters


PEEKABOO #031 (Woodies; Uncommon)



  • NAME: Peekaboo the Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey
  • SET: Woodies
  • NUMBER: 031
  • RARITY: Uncommon
  • COMBINATION: Peekaboo Bells Seed + Any 2 Other Seeds (Katsuma Unleashed DS/3DS Game comes with Peekaboo Bells Special Seed)

Peekaboo Bells Seed Moshi Monsters

To get the Peekaboo Moshling, You will need to buy the new Moshi Monsters Nintendo DS/DSI game called “Katsuma Unleashed.” The game comes with a one time use code for a Peekboo Bells Moshling seed, that attracts “Peekaboo.” Just like Roxy, or Dustbin Beaver, you will have to plant this special seed with any other 2 plants. In about 3-6 hours, you will have Peekaboo waiting for you in your Moshling Garden!

Have you got Peekaboo? Do you want Peekaboo? Let us know what you think in the comments! Have a great day everyone!

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VIDEO: Every Single Rox Code to Date! (13,000+ Rox)


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good day! You’re in for a treat! I managed to find some time and make a video with ALL the working rox codes from 2008-2013! There are over rox codes to use, and it will give you over 13,000 Rox! Take a look! This took a while to make and work on in all, so I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment, subscribe my YouTube, or like it 😛 Anyways, enjoy! Every single code works. If it doesn’t work for you it’s because you have already used it. Anyways here you go:

2009Fire15’s YouTube:
MME’s YouTube

Have you tried some of the codes, or all? Do they work?! Already used them? If you have anything you’d like to say, comment 😛 Lol

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