EXCLUSIVE: New Moshling, Lubber – Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone,
Today I have some awesome news, there is a brand new Moshling called Lubber, coming soon! It has been revealed that Moshi Monsters will be visiting SEA LIFE from March to November, this year! At SEA LIFE we will be able to get a unique code for this brand new Moshling! Here is some information I’ve managed to find!

LubberMoshi Monsters splash down at SEA LIFE to encourage youngsters to get involved with marine conservation. Over the course of this year, SEA LIFE will see the introduction of the Moshi Marine Force across UK centres to inspire youngsters to help protect our shores. As well as the Moshi Marine Force activity, Moshi Monsters is introducing an exclusive Moshling, Lubber the Whimsical Whale, who will be available in-game for online players as well as to buy as a collectible figure.

Lubber is the Moshling above the Moshi Monsters logo!

Sealife1As part of the Moshi Marine Force, kids will be able to submerge themselves in interactive, fin-tastic quiz trails at SEA LIFE centres to become a fully-fledged Buster Conservation Hero.There will also be six Moshlings hidden around each SEA LIFE centre swimming with clown fish, crustaceans and coral for children to find – once found, a special Lubber the Whale will be unlocked in-game and kids will get a Conservation Hero Certificate.

Katsuma, Poppet and Buster Bumblechops will be there for you all to meet! You will also get the chance to swap Moshling figures as well as find missing Moshlings!

It’s not only taking place in London, but all across SEA LIFE Centres in the UK!
London 16th March – 23rd March
Great Yarmouth 29th March – 5th May
Weymouth 29th March – 5th May
Gweek 29th March – 5th May
Bray 17th May – 8th June
Scarborough 17th May – 8th June
Oban 17th May – 8th June
Loch Lomond 28th June – 17th August
Birmingham 28th July – 31st August
Manchester 19th July – 31st August
Blackpool 27th September – 9th November
Hunstanton 18th October – 9th November
Brighton 11th October – 9th November


Lubber the Whimsical Whale sounds awesome doesn’t he! He will be released in the Moshling Zoo, very soon – seeing as the event starts on the 16th of March! We will be able to get his figure at Sea Life too! I wonder what set Lubber will be in!
Comment down below with your best guesses on what set will be in and your opinions! 🙂


Happy Valentines Day! <3

Zack Binspin Valentines Day



Hey guys, I wanted to quickly wish all the MME fans a Happy Valentines Day! Sorry I have been super busy! High school is quite the thing. I will be busy for a few months now! I’ll try and pop around this weekend, but I’ll be busy for my 15th birthday too! Anyways, Thank you all for you awesome support! You guys are super amazing!

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the new items at Bizarre Bazzar for Valentines Day!

New Moshi Valentines Day Items

What did you do for Valentines Day? How’d you celebrate? Get any chocolate? Flowers? Cards? Let us know in the comments!

Have a fangtastic day! Happy Valentines Day from MME!

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IT’S SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! + New Secret Code to Celebrate Super Bowl , a Football Helmet!


It’s Superbowl Sunday! First, let’s start off with the new code:

Football (USA/Canada) Helmet for Super Bowl: TOUCHDOWN

Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 450 more codes!
Make sure you have used the Freebie Friday code: ‘PARP’ if you haven’t already 😉



The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. The Super Bowl uses Roman numerals to identify each game, rather than the year in which it is held.


This year, 2014, it is the 48th Super Bowl game, which is also known as Super Bowl XLVIII. It is a huge game, mainly watched in the United States. The NFL’s (National Football League) Super Bowl is also quite popular in Canada. So basically, the Super Bowl is a huge championship game between two final teams who compete for the Super Bowl, to finish off the football season. This type of football is known as soccer in European countries, For this years Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will face each other. Who are you rooting for? Who shall win? The game is TONIGHT! I am rooting for Seattle! But, I like both teams, because they are both so great! Good luck to them! This is gonna be HUGE!

2009Fire15 Sigand Thanks to Rosscp for adding the TOUCHDOWN code to this post! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! -Fire

Moshi Monsters The Movie – The Great Moshling Egg – Australia, DVD, and New Code for Movie Poster!

Moshi Movie

Moshi Monsters The Movie – The Great Moshling Egg – Australia, DVD, and New Code for Movie Poster!
Wow, what a big title!


australia-flag[1]Get Ready Australian fans! You’re in for a huge, one time treat! The Great Moshling Egg is just a few weeks away! The initial premiering date was announced to be February 20th. However, under some conditions, the premiering date for Australia, has changed, and has been pushed two days further, to February 22 in cinemas.theaters.

Moshi Movie DVD

That’s right! The Movie will be on DVD, on April 7! This was found on Amazon just as 2013 ended. The DVD will be available to the entire world. However it is unknown when and which stores will carry the DVD for sales on their shelves. Details will be provided from Moshi Monsters very soon, and we will bring them right here for you, on MME! Furthermore, the movie will sell for £8.62 on Amazon. Prices may vary depending on retail. Will you be ordering the DVD? You can start putting in orders now and it it’ll to you by April 7th! Woo hoo!


Will all this Moshi Movie news, there’s a brand new secret code, and this one if for a movie poster! The code was released in the Moshi Novel. Here you go:
With special thanks to http://lalaloopsy5656.wordpress.com/
Don’t forget to check out our Secret Codes page, for over 400 more codes! Click here!
We hope you like your new movie poster! Did you use it?

That’s all folks! Be sure to check out https://moshimonsters2009fire15.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/moshi-monsters-the-movie/ for all your Moshi Movie information! So… what do you think of the Australian update, the DVD announcement, and new code? Let us know in the comments! Have a great weekend! Oh yeah, HAPPY FEBRUARY!

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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Moshling Figures – Countdown: 7 Days to Go

Day 2- COMING TOMORROWWelcome to the official Moshi Monsters Expressway Series 9 Moshlings Countdown post!Everyday until release on February 14th, we will be revealing a brand new Moshling that will feature in the Series 9 Figures!


7 DAYS TO GO (DAY 11 OF 17)

Release Date: February 14, 2014.
Moshling Figures: 17 Moshlings.
Willow, Cleetus, Wuzzle, Toots, Twaddle, Bubbly, Tumbles, Swizzle, Pipsi, Shimmy, Chirpy and 7 more!

Please continue reading for today’s figure! Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Moshi Monsters Christmas Iggy

Hey guys! I hope you don’t mind this green text, but it’s Christmas so why not? I personally, would like to wish you, your family, friends, and whoever you’re celebrating with ALL a very Merry Christmas! Thank you, deep from me, thank you, for being such fantastic and amazing fans of the Expressway. You guys, I cannot thank you anymore.

I really hope you all have a fantastic day! I hope you all got what you wanted! Did you get a white Christmas? I did!

Oh yeah, I wanted to say sorry I couldn’t make an “All I Want for Christmas is You” Music video this year. I make one every year, but this year I broke the tradition. You can check out them from 2010, 2011, and 2012!

2010: http://youtu.be/sfzH0YJLwJU

2011: http://youtu.be/U2Nq-2oxp04

2012: http://youtu.be/oievuDGyw3g

So much fun to make haha. I should have made it this year! Oh well, maybe next year, lol!

Thank you again everyone for all your continuous support and love. I appreciate it so much! You guys have made this season so jolly and fun! Over these years we have come across so much! Thank you 2.5 Million views too! You guys rock!

The MME Awards are this Saturday too just in time for 2014! Also, don’t forget to enter our Christmas competition for Shambles and some other goodies: http://wp.me/p11ffl-3DM

What did you get for Christmas? I mainly got money, and got a two really big remote control helicopters that fly 100ft in the air! Let us know what you got in the comments!

From 2009Fire15 and the entire Moshi Monsters Expressway team- May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter! MERRCHRISTMAS!



-2009Fire15 of MME

Moshi Monsters – The Movie – The Great Moshling Egg – NOW PLAYING IN UK

Moshi Movie

It’s finally here… Moshi Monsters: The Movie!

This is absolutely wild! Can you even believe how far Moshi has come? Well, I can’t! This is honestly so crazy! I am so happy for Moshi Monsters! United Kingdom fans, this is your chance to watch the movie! In fact, it’s probably playing right now as you’re reading this! However, Australia can watch it in cinemas starting February 20th, while release in the rest of the world is still unknown.

It is still unknown if the movie will even be available on DVD, but I am sure it probably will soon! There isn’t really much to say! Well, I hope you UK fans have a fantastic time! PLEASE tell us what you think after watching it! Hope you guys fun! Happy Moshi Movie Day!

Speaking of movie, here is a new Moshi secret code in celebration of the movie release!


Voting closes tonight for The MME Awards. So you only have a few hours left to vote! Click here to vote!

Check out this post for ALL the Moshi Movie information, images, videos, sneak peaks, and everything Moshi Movie!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Moshi Monsters Series 8 Moshling Figures Countdown!

Series 8 Moshling Figures Moshi Monsters

Name: Series 8 Moshling Figures
Release Date: October 18, 2013
Series: 8
Moshling Figures: 16
Moshlings: Marty, Blossom, Jackson, Grinny, Slurpy, Threddie, Eugene, Blinki, Fitch, Jiggles, Zonkers, Nancy, Vinnie, Dribbles, Weeny, Nutmeg

Hey everyone ALL of the Series 8 Moshling Figures have been released! They are available in the United Kingdom and other regions worldwide. They can be found at your local toy store. Have fun and enjoy!

All 16 Series 8 Figurines:

What do you guys think? Now that series 8 is complete, who do you think will be in Series 9?

Which is your favourite? Will you be getting the figures? Have you already got them? Comment! 🙂

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