Bugs and Glitches

Do you have a Moshi Monsters issue or problem? Is something not working right? Then please report it!

Moshi Monsters is releasing many new things every week. The more new things that are released, the more bugs and glitches are to be experienced! Therefore, Moshi greatly appreciates feedback, so they can get to work to crush bugs and work things out.Moshi Monsters have requested Moshi Monsters Expressway to collect any reports and send it to them!


Last Updated October 23 2013
I didn’t keep the item I unlocked from earning Ecto Gloop!
In the new Halloween Missions, you find Ecto Gloop inside the Haunted Houses. Collect enough gloop and you unlock cool rewards – BUT! If you unlock a reward then navigate away from Moshi (for example, hit the “back” button on your browser, refresh your browser or close your browser without logging out) then you’ll lose the item! If you want to make sure that you keep the item, always go back to the main Halloween missions screen first, then go back to your room, then log out using the link in the top-right of the Moshi play area – this will make sure that your items stay where they’re supposed to be 🙂Any players who’ve lost items in this way should email us by clicking on this link – we’ll do our best to help you out!

Why doesn’t the Cluekoo talk anymore?
The Cluekoo’s decided to have a bit of a rest for now – all those hints were giving her a sore throat! So to help her out, our developers have decided to add an amazing Moshling picker into the game which lets you see the seed combos you need to catch ANY Moshling straight away! Give it a try – it’s live in your garden NOW! 🙂


If you have any problems, issues, or glitches, please leave a comment below, and we will let Moshi Monsters know!

Lets hope these get fixed!


35 thoughts on “Bugs and Glitches

  1. hi! Ive been playing ice scream on ooh la lane and when I give the monsters their order and pick up the rox it just says ” +3″ above it then disappears and no rox is added. At the end of the game I always have 0 rox and cannot go to the next level!! this all started when I became a member!! Ice scream is my FAVORITE game!!! what should I do?!!? please answer!!

  2. Has anyone else noticed this problem. In the the Ice Cream shop on Ooh la lane the rox you earn are never totaled, and you end up with zero after serving. This has happened to me and my granddaughter on different computers and browsers.

  3. I have 2 things that I THINK are bugs 1 the pinbourd Oops and the way moshlings take 6 or 7 hours if non member If member 3 or 4 hours. why cant it be 10 minutes

  4. On my level meter thingy whenever i do the daily challenge it goes down, but then a few minutes later it goes back up… odd

  5. PLEASE, PLEASE FIX OUR PINBOARDS!!!!!! It is sooooo frustrating trying to post a message to a friend. Even the simplest of words are met with that annoying “OOPS”!!!!!!!!

  6. I Don’t like that when you go to the seed cart, it doesn’t show the original colour of the flower. I think that it looked nicer the way before.

    • I don’t like the new seed cart either! The packets of flowers were so much nicer before you changed them to these new ones. Now the packets look all the same; it’s hard to tell which flower is which.

  7. now i cant get to my room when i log in it just stays stuck on the green screen at a various time while i can see the feeling icon the scroll icon (and the map and pouch icon is just glitching between one icon to another)pleae send this to moshi monsters because i planted pinestein yesterday and today its the start of the summer holidays in my school.

    • This is a small glitch that many monsters experience at times. To fix this glitch, you need to clear your cache. To clear your cache, go to settings and look for privacy settings or history settings and clear/delete it.
      If you are still having problems,
      Please contact Moshi Monsters: hello@moshimonsters.com

      I have also seen your other comment on the “Chill Zone” about interactive buddy. Unfortunately, we cannot post games on MME yet. Thank you got your suggestion. We will work to getting games here! 🙂

  8. I love Moshi Monsters but I am very disappointed with the new Gustbusters Mission! I have only been able to play the first part so far. I still do not have parts 2 and 3 yet. I have friends who have already completed the entire mission and have already started to play the Windy Wind-Up part. What is going on?

  9. HI I have got back to normal 6 hours for a seed to grow into a flower in the moshi garden, but my friend is still on super seeds, it only takes her 30 minutes to grow a seed into a flower on her moshi garden

  10. I have some glitches in the quack attack I hit the ducks and some keep miss I hit them but I miss when I hit them.

  11. is this a fetrure or a glitch? when i go to someones room it will not let me do anything! all i can do is scroll. i can not view their medals, moshling zoo, pinbord, gifts and their profile! i get really bord. is that a glitch or a fetrure?

  12. It is very annoying when we are unable to post codes to our pinboards when Oops will not allow the use of numbers. Words are bad enough but numbers?? Particular when as an adult I still get messages with the basic crude words like poop that I would have expected to be blocked by Oops. The codes I tried to post are: CLAWS 928, FLUTTERY 44, LAVA 2038, DROOL 1968, CUTEY 765, GROUCHY 45, MY NEW CRIB, GLAM ROX 8

    • I agree 100%! The old way of posting on our pinboards was much, much better! You must have heard the old saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

      • I don’t think that this is fair, because whenever I try to post a code to other Monsters, “Oops” gets in the way and tells me that I can’t even put the word “Moshi”!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the old way better! 😡

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