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Blog Of Month


Each month, on Moshi Monsters Expressway, we choose our favourite blog for our Blog of the Month award! This page belongs to all those amazing blogs that are out there that we personally think are amazing! Each month on the first we choose a new blog for ‘Blog of the Month!’ This month it’s not exactly a blog but does the same!

OurΒ —Β 2013 is…

Due to a numerous amount of events happening on MME- Fan, Blog, and Room of the Month competitions will be put on hold, and will resume again in January 2014. See you then, good luck! -Fire

What does — win?

— wins a ribbon badge to display on their website! Congrats! This will be sorted VERY SOON. A video and mystery gift is also rewarded to the owner! πŸ™‚ To the previous winners, please bear with us. We will have it out soon. Just so busy! To all previous winners, I PROMISE I will put together something for you this month later. Really busy πŸ™‚

How can your blog win MME’s ‘Blog of the Month’ like —Β has?

  • You must view MME as much as you can!
  • MME will choose a blog that we like!
  • Your blog must be Moshi related and appropriate for all ages!
  • Blog must be open/active/viewable and updated regularly!


Previous Winners:

Good Luck Moshi Bloggers, and Congrats –!

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29 thoughts on “Blog of the Month

    It’s my blog, Mario and Macky work on it, updated daily, 1.7 update done, 2.0 on November 1st.

  2. My offical site:
    Update’s usally everyday.We ask for sugestions on our site.It will not matter if we do not win blog of the month, we just may want to get a little bit of help from your site.Maybe some idea’s to help us make our site bigger and better like your’s??

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