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Full Series 9 Review!


Hey Everyone, a few weeks ago, Vivid Imaginations, the people who make the Moshi Monsters figures and majority of Moshi merchandise, sent me a package of a full set of Series 9 Figures to review for MME fans!

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Mega Moshling News!

Hey Everyone!
This week’s been mad for Moshling news, so much is being discovered! Today, four new Moshlings have been released in to the Moshling Zoo, along with two brand new Moshling sets and more discoveries!

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EXCLUSIVE: Brand New Moshlings Coming Soon! Time to get excited!

NewMoshlingsHeaderHey Everyone,
After recently discovering Lubber, I’ve stumbled accross some brand new Moshlings! Before I share the details, I’d like to thank our friends over at the Moshi Monsters Wiki for the amazing discoveries that they have made!
Thanks guys, especially monkeysnoring71!

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EXCLUSIVE: New Moshling, Lubber – Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone,
Today I have some awesome news, there is a brand new Moshling called Lubber, coming soon! It has been revealed that Moshi Monsters will be visiting SEA LIFE from March to November, this year! At SEA LIFE we will be able to get a unique code for this brand new Moshling! Here is some information I’ve managed to find!

LubberMoshi Monsters splash down at SEA LIFE to encourage youngsters to get involved with marine conservation. Over the course of this year, SEA LIFE will see the introduction of the Moshi Marine Force across UK centres to inspire youngsters to help protect our shores. As well as the Moshi Marine Force activity, Moshi Monsters is introducing an exclusive Moshling, Lubber the Whimsical Whale, who will be available in-game for online players as well as to buy as a collectible figure.

Lubber is the Moshling above the Moshi Monsters logo!

Sealife1As part of the Moshi Marine Force, kids will be able to submerge themselves in interactive, fin-tastic quiz trails at SEA LIFE centres to become a fully-fledged Buster Conservation Hero.There will also be six Moshlings hidden around each SEA LIFE centre swimming with clown fish, crustaceans and coral for children to find – once found, a special Lubber the Whale will be unlocked in-game and kids will get a Conservation Hero Certificate.

Katsuma, Poppet and Buster Bumblechops will be there for you all to meet! You will also get the chance to swap Moshling figures as well as find missing Moshlings!

It’s not only taking place in London, but all across SEA LIFE Centres in the UK!
London 16th March – 23rd March
Great Yarmouth 29th March – 5th May
Weymouth 29th March – 5th May
Gweek 29th March – 5th May
Bray 17th May – 8th June
Scarborough 17th May – 8th June
Oban 17th May – 8th June
Loch Lomond 28th June – 17th August
Birmingham 28th July – 31st August
Manchester 19th July – 31st August
Blackpool 27th September – 9th November
Hunstanton 18th October – 9th November
Brighton 11th October – 9th November


Lubber the Whimsical Whale sounds awesome doesn’t he! He will be released in the Moshling Zoo, very soon – seeing as the event starts on the 16th of March! We will be able to get his figure at Sea Life too! I wonder what set Lubber will be in!
Comment down below with your best guesses on what set will be in and your opinions! 🙂


New Secret Codes for Water Cooler and Rox!

new-codesHey everyone, today I have two brand new codes for Rox and a Water Cooler! We’re one of the first on the web to share these new codes!

159 Rox – SOOK
Water Cooler – DIGICOOLER 

Water CoolerCodeEnterButton2

Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 460 more codes!UpdatedTreasureChest

We hope you like these brand new codes! That’s all for today, guys! Stay tuned to MME, as we’ll be bringing you more exclusive secret codes and Moshi Monsters News when it’s released!


Moshi Karts is Released! General Update!

MKAppIconHey Everyone,
Today is a very exciting day for those among us who have iOS running devices made by Apple, (iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads) as Moshi have released another brand new app named: “Moshi Karts!”

Moshi Karts is a racing themed app, resembling other games, namely Mario Kart. However, Moshi have added their own theme to the game! There’s not too much to say about Moshi Karts – however they will be bringing out Merchandise items very soon.. so stay tuned!

The app is free to download however contains in-app purchases.


New Moshi Karts merchandise has hit the shelves of Yukea! Make sure to go to Yukea and buy the five exclusive Moshi Karts! Here are the five epic karts below:
Yukea Karts

Aren’t they awesome!

We are sorry that MME has been pretty silent, recently – we’ve been really busy! Anyway, I expect we will get back to normal pretty soon – it’s almost March! Stay tuned to MME, as this weekend (hopefully) I will be making a special review of the Series 9 figures, for you all!

See you all next time!

New Secret Codes!

new-codesHey everyone, today I have two new codes for you all!

Green Birthday BallonBIRTHDAYGREEN
Sunshine Berries – DOODLE


Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 460 more codes!UpdatedTreasureChest

We hope you like these brand new codes for Sunshine Berries and a green birthday balloon! That’s all for today, guys! Stay tuned to MME, as we’ll be bringing you more exclusive secret codes and Moshi Monsters News when it’s released!
PS: Check out MME, because real soon I’ll have a big exclusive for all MME fans! 🙂